The way of discipleship

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When I came to faith in Christ I was already a damaged, broken-by-the-world girl who viewed life with wary, shy and cautious eyes.

So my heart yearned and burned for Jesus, the only One who has ever loved me unconditionally and sets me free from guilt and shame.

He alone restores my soul and is continually healing and making me whole.

I began as an ardent follower and fan in my naming and proclaiming ‘Jesus Loves You’ sticker days.

Now, in maturity, I see how sitting at His feet is the best thing for me; spending time quietly listening while I contemplate His beauty, seeking to know Him more fully as I learn to rest in His finished work on the cross and my new identity in Him.

And aiming more and more to be an imitator of my Teacher, a messenger for the Master, a grateful grace-dweller and Truth-revealer.

I want to lean in close like John and Mary did, believe and live as though I am His beloved.

The way I’ve travelled has been full of pain and pitfalls to fight through as much as it has been gifted with grace, but my years of yearning after Jesus will never end.

He is my everything, all the more as time passes and my deep dependency grows stronger in weakness.

As I prayed this morning, the words I sensed on my heart made their way into the poem below.

It may have taken longer than the allotted five minutes to write but it has become my contribution to the word “Follow” as I join Kate and fellow five-minute friday writers who spill out their heart-words for us to read and share. Come join us?

‘Pilgrim path’

Follow hard after God’s heart

Follow through dark valleys, rocky paths

Keep your mind aligned to Mine

Keep going though the Way seems blind

Yield yourself willingly

Surrender each day to Me

Watch where I am leading you

No matter where others are going to

My path is hard; My path is long

But I keep you steady and make you strong

Listen above all to My gentle voice

Quieten yourself away from life’s noise

Be an example; be a shining light

Show My love, My power and might

Reveal the world’s great need of Me

and how it’s seen in dependency

Come, My pilgrim child, take My hand

As you follow Me your life will expand


10 thoughts on “The way of discipleship

    • It is a hard road indeed, Keren. You know well how challenging things can be and the encouragement we receive with “every painful step and childish skip” we make in our walk of life and faith. Bless you, dear friend. Xx

  1. “As you follow Me your life will expand.” So true! Think you nailed it when you said you were learning to rest in His finished work on the cross and you new identity in Him. Am discovering that is the secret. Am the type that likes to do and stay busy rather than rest, but there is such quietness and strength when we dwell w/Christ (Ps 91:1) and learn to be still. Have heard that for years and many people tell me I just need to be still in this season and it’s taken a few hard-knocks to figure that out. But I needed to see your blog today and to see what comes of being still/resting rather than doing. Thank you.

    • I agree with you, Amy. Although our souls may initially resist it, “there is such quietness and strength when we dwell with Christ and learn to be still”, and that alone makes the experience worth seeking after. I’m blessed by your visit and humbled if my words have helped you. Keep on persevering, friend. It will be worth it in the end. 🙂 x

    • Hi Elizabeth. It’s lovely to meet you! Thanks for stopping by. I’m blessed by your lovely comment and encouraged by your zeal for the Lord. May you continue to pursue Him wholeheartedly. Bless you, friend. 🙂 x

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