Riding the waves

riding the waves PJ

Riding the waves

When waves threaten to overwhelm

seal my cells in the security

of Your safe embrace

Remind me that life’s storms

cannot completely swallow me

I belong to a different shore

A Kingdom of peace prevailing

where joy is the sound

that roars, deafening in its

clarity. For nothing there

can sink us, only draw us

closer to Your trinity

So as these waves of worry

encompass me today

and waves of uncertainty

try to have their way,

keep me anchored in Hope

held fast against the Rock

sheltered from the storms

battering and bruising my heart

Render me ready to meet

life’s waves with equanimity

And steady myself in Your grace

while they rise higher day by day

May I see only Light’s beacon

burning bright ahead

and rest in tender waves

of Love rushing toward

me as Lifebelt holding me

close in their stead


riding the waves PJ poem

This is day 21 of write-31-days five-minute-free-writes with the prompt:‘wave’. You can see the rest of the prompts here. I am also joining in with fellow writing friends at Jennifer’s place for #TellHisStory and with Holley for #coffeeforyourheart as we share God’s grace seen in His hand on our lives.

Thank you for being here and at Words of Joy where most of the posts have been written this month.

I am so thankful for your company and support!

9 thoughts on “Riding the waves

  1. So beautiful, Joy. The clear flow of these words reflects your message about the joy in God’s Kingdom being “deafening in its clarity.” Bless you for the hopeful clarity of your faith and sharing XXX

    • Thank you, Joyce! Your encouraging words shine brightly in their clarity too. Bless you for taking time to read and leave a lovely comment. I really appreciate you, my friend. Xox ❤

  2. Hi Joy,
    Visiting here from Coffee for your Heart. What a lovely image your words inspire yet such strength to know we’re anchored in hope against Christ, our rock, our anchor. It is such a comfort to know nothing can draw us away from him but oh we so need this encouragement! Enjoyed reading your words today!

    • Hi Valerie. It’s good to meet you! Yes, our storm-battered, weary hearts need to receive regular reassurance and encouragement of God’s great ability to be our safe place because our souls are anchored in Him. Bless you for stopping by. 🙂

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  4. Wonderful, Joy! God sends you words that flow right into my heart! I love the analogy of Joy being a sound that roars deafening. I love quiet and there is not enough quiet in my world. Next time I hear a TV blaring I will try to remember to let the Joy of the Trinity roar deafening enough in my heart to over-ride the ambient noise. Thank You!

    • Oh Amy, I love it when that happens! So often other writers/poets’ words seem directed to my heart. God knows what we need to receive and when. He always provides. I also crave quiet in my daily life, but maybe we can make an exception for joy, yes? I picture it as a continual background sound in heaven because how can there be any less than this? Or it could simply be a sweet silent symphony our souls resound with in God’s company. Whatever form joy chooses to grace our days, it will be perfectly suited to us, I’m sure. Thanks very much for the lovely comment and the ping-back! 🙂 x

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