Getting ready to dance

getting ready to dance PJ

There are times when I’d love to be able to dance again.

I miss being able to move freely.

To have a co-operative, healthy body with energy buzzing through me.

The last time I attempted to dance was at a wedding, ironically to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’.

It was more of a one-song-wonder than anything else and I couldn’t quite put my all into it either.

Little did I know it would be my swansong as a dancer.

I’m not trained or gifted in any way, but I’ve always enjoyed dancing and took it for granted that I always would.

What followed was a serious relapse in my previously moderate M.E symptoms, rendering them severe by overdoing things.

It was many years ago. I’ve not been able to dance since.

I watch and I smile when others do, and I say it’s okay because I’m dancing on the inside.

Yet one day I know I will dance for real. Be held by and hold onto my soul’s Lover.

I’ll be ready, willing and able to move freely again.

Here’s my five-minute-friday way of dancing with words..

Ready to dance

I’m a pale wallflower

hiding in the corner

Biding my time watching

the way others dance and sway

My feet have forgotten

how to dance, but still

they tap lightly to the beat

My body too weary to move

I fail to get into the groove

Who would want to dance

you see, with a woman bent

and bowed by having M.E?


And then I see You

standing there with a

look at once safe and

loving, so familiar

You smile and reach out

for my reluctant hand

as I wobble up and finally

stand, looking only into

Your face as you bring me

close into a warm embrace

ca. 2003 --- Hand Reaching --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Whispering endearments

to my hurting heart,

saying this is only the very

start of a lifetime journey

You are bringing me to

where I’ll run and

I’ll skip and I’ll

laugh with joy, and

I’ll always get to

dance with you

girl dancing

We move to the gentle

rhythm of Your grace

and I sense a loosening

in my soul, a warm

flush rising to my face

as energy unknown flows

and rushes through

this body of mine, now

made complete and whole


You’re warmly invited to join in with the regular #FMF word dance going on at Kate Motaung’s place.

We skate around perfection, move to the beat of our clocks as we write freely for five minutes – I went over a little here.

Just bring your words and join in the fun. We’d love to see you there. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Getting ready to dance

  1. I love your dancing with words. You’re right….one day you will dance again. I’m visiting from FMF where I’m parked in the #6 spot.

  2. I love this, Joy. Such a beautiful heart dance with Jesus as He whispers endearments to your hurting heart and the anticipation of a dance with Him with a completely whole body someday. This spoke peace to my heart, too. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Trudy. It means so much more for those of us who live with the constraints of physical illness and disability to view our eternal future with God as one where we’ll dance freely, unhindered, full of joy and energy. Meanwhile, we learn to move to the rhythms of His grace and discover how the Lord partners us all our earthly days. Bless you. 🙂 x

  3. Oh this is fabulous! To know one day when reunited with The Lord, there will be no more pain. We will be made new! I can’t wait! Thank you for sharing your lovely heart and poem!

    • Oh yes, I share your joy at the thought of being made new! It will be so wonderful. Yet even now we have a taste of it with the way God moves in our lives, continually transforming us from the inside out. Thanks, Carrie. Blessed to see you here! 🙂 x

    • Yes, it is a beautiful thing to contemplate in time to come. I look forward most to having freedom of movement and lack of self consciousness, ease and grace to join in the dance.Thank you for adding to the conversation here. I’m always blessed by your visits, my friend! 🙂 x

  4. Dear Joy … what a beautiful ode to the Lover of your soul, the One who leads you in this sacred dance along the pathway.

    And the picture up top said it all … lovely, lovely.

    Good to connect with you this week … very good!

    • Dear Linda, it’s an honour to see you here! Thank you for visiting and appreciating the way God is leading me “in this sacred dance”. It’s good to connect with you too. I think you used to occasionally visit me at my old ‘Words of Joy’ site when it was fairly new a few years ago. Now I’ve moved to WordPress and you can find me at if you’d like to catch up there as well. It’s where I’ve written my ‘Out of Sorts’ post. Blessed by your visit! Do come again. 🙂 x

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