Reflecting on the light

reflecting on the light - PJ FMF

These are days when I avoid more than a fleeting, perfunctory glance in glass.

Checking for unruly hair, smudges and smears while avoiding noting the passage of years.

It makes me sad and discouraged at times to mark the passing of time and all that’s left undone as another year closes.

So this is a season of seeking to see myself more in the mirror of Christ and to lean toward His glorious light.

Aiming during Advent to focus more sharply on His image rather than my own.

I want to be awed and amazed once more as I become immersed in His grace and glory-story.

I want to reflect more deeply on the light of His coming and the gift of His presence.

With these thoughts in mind, I share my best poetic five-minute-friday offering with you.


I gaze into glass and it reflects back

a clear-eyed image of me

with uncanny accuracy

My present and past lay revealed

yet I feel it doesn’t really see

deep inside the whole of my soul

It reflects back the way years, pain and tears

have etched their stain hard on my visage

and how I’ve been beaten down by care,

wearing signs of sickness on the surface

So I turn instead to the much-thumbed

book beside my bed, and begin

to read as it continues reading me

I see myself with startling clarity

It reveals who I am in the process of

becoming when reflected in its depths

Here I am mirrored in Christ

shining forth His life

And it reflects all I can be as I

live out its truth, surrender

my time, my years, my life

Now I turn gentler toward

the mirror of glass

knowing its image is transitory,

passing, nothing that lasts

Because the only thing

that fully reflects my

passage on earth

is my faith in Christ

through the ever exalting

state of new birth


Reflection poem pin

Joining with fellow word wranglers at Kate Motaung’s siteย today as we wrestle to pin them to a page in 5 minutes flat. This week’s prompt is ‘reflect’.

It’s a lovely, encouraging, supportive community who meet there every Friday. Come join us? You’re very welcome to take part or just drop by here to read the words being shared.

17 thoughts on “Reflecting on the light

    • Andrew, what a joy to see you here! And what a lovely, encouraging comment! Thanks very much for spending some of your limited energy to bless me with your visit. Have duly found, read and responded to your heart-rending word. Thinking of and praying for you and your loved ones. Hang in there, friend.

  1. Longing with you, Joy. “I want to be awed and amazed once more as I become immersed in His grace and glory-story. I want to reflect more deeply on the light of His coming and the gift of His presence.” May we reflect Him! Blessings and hugs to you!

    • I know how you also long for this, Trudy. It was written all over your lovely post this week. I always find joy and peace when I pause and read your heartfelt words. Thank YOU! Blessings and hugs ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  2. Hi Joy my dear friend, beautiful and encouraging words as ever! Love it. I had been having the same thoughts about myself the other day feeling sad for lost opportunities, as I had wanted to be an actress, then I became a mum at just 19. Then I suddenly remembered someone saying that the most exciting times, will be in our next life! Because really we are only just passing through this one! Our bodies may age, our souls do not! Heaven is the real world, this is just a fleeting one! Amen xxxx

    • Hi Diane. How lovely to see your sweet face here, my friend! Thanks very much for stopping by. Your words made me smile because I’ve felt that sad pang of regret over lost opportunities but now I tend to focus more on unlimited potential and possibilities to come in what my OH and I term ‘second life’.
      To have eternity to finally live bold and live free is a huge gift of grace I am eager to explore to the full.
      Yes, our bodies may age and wither, but our souls remain forever young! The older I get, the more that thought sustains me. So blessed by your visit. Do feel free to pop by again. Xox ๐Ÿ’œ

      • Bless you my beautiful friend, I am so happy to hear that I helped to inspire you! This World is just a place we are passing through! Enjoy whilst your here in the best way you can, for far better things are to come in the next destination. God wants us to explore all his gifts, promises and blessings whilst we are here. Your words always lift me up. I am so happy I could do the same xxxx ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

      • You’re welcome, Diane! We are all given ability to lift, build up and encourage one another. May you also continue to “explore all (God’s) gifts, promises and blessings” to the full as you share your own creative and poetic gifts. Have a blessed weekend, my friend! Xox โค

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