A moment in time

seeking and finding PJ

Some moments are frozen in time, stilled in sense and sight. Etched on our minds and engraved in our memories.

I’m remembering a week when my beloved was away for a few days and (very thoughtfully) provided me with meals in the freezer.

All lovingly home-cooked and pre-prepared ahead of time. Yes I know, I’m one blessed woman!

There was even a typed list of what to find where and how to deal with it. How’s that for organisation?

He takes such good care of me; his hands willing to work on my behalf since he lost paid employment, and despite having developed Parkinson’s disease over the last 2 years.

Thankfully, he can still do most things he used to do before his diagnosis, albeit slower, with a degree of pain and fatigue.

I’m not completely helpless in a kitchen. I can muster up coffee, breakfast and a snack, but I am unused to coping alone with main meals.

Because cooking and cleaning are lost arts to me since I’ve become more chronically unwell with arthritis, fibromyalgia and M.E.

I can’t stand for long,  lift or carry much, can only walk a few steps unaided experience a great deal of muscle and joint pain plus profound fatigue on a daily basis, cognitive problems, brain fog and hypersensitivity to light and sound.

Thankfully, my husband actually loves to cook because he’s pretty good at it and preparing meals relaxes him.

We may live a rather limited life compared to some, yet we are grateful for small mercies and experience moments of  joy in little things.

The poem below speaks about my determination to press past my problems and push myself to enjoy a moment in time – although it’s not a recommended practice for those with M.E to extend themselves too much. Sadly, there’s always a payback afterwards. 😦

A moment in time

a moment in time laundry PJ

It’s only a moment in time

as I heed the inner need

to step outside a while

My senses alert to burgeoning

life as I peg laundry to line

I feel warm sun rays

playing on my face

like a heaven’s breath

benediction of grace

Whistling wind whips swift

tussling through hair and

trees, its resonant notes

vibrating each green leaf

Echoed in chiming ice-cream

van, roaming nearby streets,

while ‘sun has got its hat on’

sounds make children fleet of feet

My arms and legs ache so

with every move I make

And this bitter-sweet task

is no mean feat for me

Although washing is often

dried inside, today I yield,

follow my heart’s yearning,

welcoming embrace of Spring


a moment in time PJ pin

**I’m editing and sharing this pre-prepared post I’d intended to share last year, because my health remains rather challenging at the moment and fresh inspiration is a bit thin on the ground. Hopefully normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Thank you for your grace! ** 🙂

8 thoughts on “A moment in time

  1. I love your poem and your determination to keep sharing words despite the difficulties. They are beautiful and, though they were reposted from last year, they are NEW to me. 😉 Your life is an inspiration. I am stopping over from Holley’s link up – so glad that you were the one before me!

    • Hello Britta. Thanks for stopping by! My words were actually written only in draft form, so this is their first airing, just rather later than planned. Life has a way of delaying things sometimes. Bless you for reading and leaving a lovely encouraging comment. It’s good to meet you. Do feel free to visit again! 🙂

    • Mary, I’m so pleased to see you here and even more so to think these words speak to you of overcoming. Some days it feels more like surviving by the skin of my teeth! Praise God for His grace and equipping to write even when we’re weary and think we may have nothing to say. I’m blessed as always by your visit. 🙂 x

  2. I’m so sorry you are increasingly chronically unwell, Joy. I’m grateful you have such a devoted, helpful hubby. Yet God keeps giving you words to share with us. Whether prewritten or present, they are always encouraging. This line especially brings me comfort and calmness today –
    “I feel warm sun rays
    playing on my face
    like a heaven’s breath
    benediction of grace”
    Heaven’s breath of grace. So beautiful! Thank you.
    I pray God will give you special strength and peace for each day!

    • Dear Trudy, I’m so grateful for your understanding and kindness. Yes, God has blessed me hugely with a patient and devoted husband who is always willing to help. Thank you for seeing encouragement between these lines. It’s what I aim to offer here and at wordsofjoy.me as I share my life and faith experiences. It warms and delights my heart to know you have found some comfort and calmness here, my friend. And I am humbly thankful for your prayers. May you also be blessed with all the health, strength and peace you need! Xx

    • Thanks, Debbie! It’s a daily struggle to choose joy in the midst of our mess, isn’t it? And impossible to do without God’s sustaining grace. Bless you for stopping by. 😊

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