We come with a renewed view

a renewed view cross - PJ

It’s Holy Week and we come with a renewed view as we approach the calendrical remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Two thousand years of history as a body of believers marks us out in society as souls who have accepted salvation in Jesus and surrendered to God’s work in us.

We bear a banner of faith and hope to hurting souls, a breath of Holy Spirit air to those dying on the inside, a haven of peace and rest to the stressed and depressed as we share The Way to become eternally set free from the fear, sin and pain of our fallen humanity.

We are Christ followers, His grace revealers, Truth sharers and burden bearers as we carry the holy weight of the cross before a waiting world, and the sorrows etched within it to our loving Saviour.

We are also eager for them to see the other side of the cross and the new life ready to be birthed on the inside by believing in Him.

In the sharing of His Passion and suffering, we too walk the lonely road toward crucifixion, ours being a spiritual one – a daily dying to self and the resurrection powered, liberating living of a Spirit-led life.

We come with hearts heavy at the enormity of the task before our Lord, and with hearts made free by the very act of His willing surrender.

Each day we live with the potential of life transforming change wrought by the cross, and the glory of the empty tomb before us, but never more so than during a week of walking the path of remembrance with Jesus.

Our view is renewed in the remembrance, hearts are made warm with wonder and minds remain amazed by the selfless act of pure unmerited grace that has bought our freedom at such a great price.

A renewed view

We come with a renewed view

as we gain sight of the road

rising up to meet us,

the long one paved in agony

on which we have placed our feet,

soled in faithful pilgrimage.

Blood marks the path before us

as Via Dolorosa rises strong

to claim our heart’s affections

for what Christ wrought true

as He courageously fought

on a cross carved out of wood.

Staked out on this lonely hill

where His disciples gather still


a renewed view poem pin PJ

12 thoughts on “We come with a renewed view

    • Laurie, I’m glad these words found an echo in your heart. I owe the stunning photo to the free photographic art images found at pixabay.com. This one really seemed to fit the post.

  1. So beautiful, Joy. “Staked out on this lonely hill, where His disciples gather still.” Amen! In and through His Mighty Name, through the beautiful leading of His Spirit into greater and greater “heart’s affection”. Thank you for this beautiful encouragement.

    • Hello Anna. Thank you for visiting! It’s good to hear how these words have spoken to you. Bless you for your own sweet encouragement. May we all experience a deeper heart’s affection for such amazing grace.

  2. This is a beautiful remembrance of what Christ has done for us, Joy. Such hope in that. I love this truth – “Each day we live with the potential of life transforming change wrought by the cross, and the glory of the empty tomb before us.” Amen. Have a blessed week and a joy-filled Easter! Hugs!

    • Trudy, I too cling to those words God gave me to share. So often the posts are also intended for the writer as well as the reader! May you have a blessed walk through Holy Week and enjoy all that it means. Happy Easter to you and yours! Blessings and hugs. Xx ❤

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