Seeing life through the eyes of a child



Through the eyes of a child

I want to examine life with the eyes of a child

Look with serious, curious intent, gaze


with playful interest at all that’s spread

out within reach like a rich banquet feast


Ruminate as I cultivate creative vision

which enhances down-trodden and soiled


See beyond what lies before me in the everyday

Experience God’s hand at work while admiring

his handiwork. Step bright and bold with joy


as I begin to sense a sacredness unfolding

Discover life as a great adventure, dying

to be explored by those who can see more


When do we lose our sense of wonder? How long is it before we become complacent about the daily grace gifts before us? What shrinks our vision to that of an endlessly dark tunnel, rather than extending beyond what eyes can see?

All too soon for most of us, it seems. Yet the longer I live, the more I long to hold on to those things which are ordinary-extraordinary, to be aware of God at work in the daily, His majesty invading our mundane.

Because the more intently we look, the more joy we will have in each day’s grace offerings. They are there to be glimpsed, seen and savoured by hearts full of gratitude, but our attitude tends to throw us off course when we become totally absorbed by the pain and problems of today.

We will soon be entering a season I struggle with, where darkness pervades and seems to invade me outside and in, when my soul seems to shrink, curl and die like autumnal leaves become lifeless.

Maybe we can learn to intentionally look for the light at the edges of everything? Watch for its slim fingers infiltrating the hard, opening them up, sliver by sliver, to the radiance of God’s presence, discover His Light burning brightly all around.

All too often I write about the painful things, the hard places where grace seeks us. And that’s well and good, because we can all be held captive to pain. However, my main aim in the next few months is to focus more on the goodness, beauty and joy before me, difficult as it can be to discern, sometimes.

It would be good to have your companionship as I try to embrace the sunshine in these darkening days while we slide toward winter. We can support and encourage one another to stay positive, to remain hope-filled and joy-seeking souls in the midst of life’s all-pervading darkness. Will you join me? Please consider subscribing by email here and over at my main blog, ‘Words of Joy’. I would love to partner with you! 🙂



10 thoughts on “Seeing life through the eyes of a child

  1. Yes, I will join you, Joy. I’ve been working on this as well. To seek out God’s beauty and goodness in those “daily grace gifts.” To open my heart more to God working even in the ordinary. Winter months are hard for me, too. As it nears, my heart grows heavy. But God has been nudging me to find His beauty in every season of nature and of life. Blessings and hugs to you, my friend!

  2. Trudy, I am so thankful for your company on the journey, though sad to know you suffer similarly when darkness creeps into what feels like daylight hours. Yet summer’s ending needn’t mark a losing of heart and sinking of spirits. Let’s try together to obey those gentle Holy Spirit’s nudges to “find His beauty in every season of nature and of life.” Then we can encourage one another when the going gets tough! Blessings and hugs to you, too, my friend. May you be kept as content as possible as you chase after grace in life’s hard places. 💜

  3. Yes, Joy, I want to join you on this journey as well! This today: “Maybe we can learn to intentionally look for the light at the edges of everything? ” captivated me. On those dark days, I wish so hard for light to be everywhere, but it’s so true, isn’t it, that we need to watch at the edges? The light is always shining there. And thank you for the precious picture of a little boy’s “bold and bright” stepping. I will treasure these thoughts tonight. –Blessings and Hugs my friend!

    • Bettie, I fully understand your desire to want to hang on to the light when days darken and shorten. It’s something I experience (resist and detest) every year as winter draws near. When I react like this my vision (spiritual and otherwise) is also at risk of becoming constricted. I tend to forget how close God is, how His light never fails or fades. As you so rightly say: “The light is always shining” at the edges of everything. Amen! I’m so pleased we can support one another through this particularly challenging season, and I’m glad you like the photo of my grandson; he’s a precious light in my life. May you step “bold and bright” with eyes of faith focused on the good things God strews your way. Blessings and hugs, my friend!

  4. I just love your beautiful writing. The words “ruminate as I cultivate creative vision” are my favorite today. The thought of savoring while at the same time seeking something new is a beautiful way to look at how we can approach life.

    I am with you when it comes to the next season change. We have a short-lived Fall ( my favorite season) followed by winter that seems to overstay its welcome every year. Thank you for writing today and for sharing the deep parts of who you are. It is a gift.

    • Hello Mary. It’s lovely to see you here! I’ve missed connecting with you through the summer. But I did enjoy reading the wise words you shared on your latest blog post. God has much to teach us in the in-between seasons where joy and pain are inextricably mixed together.

      I’m delighted to have your company as we deliberately seek out the grace gifts wrapped up within the challenge of dark days ahead. Thank you for stopping by. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Counting my grace gifts every week on my blog has helped me to be more grateful for the beauty that God has put in front of me. I’m beginning to see differently and that is so important. Joining you on the journey.

    • Barbie, I have been so blessed by the way you list your weekly grace gifts. It’s a beautiful reminder to search out the fingerprints of God’s presence in the everyday. Thank you for joining me on the journey as we seek “to stay positive, to remain hope-filled and joy-seeking souls in the midst of life’s all-pervading darkness'” in the days and months ahead. It’s good to have your company! 💜

  6. Joy, such a lovely post. You’ve packed it with truths and a great perspective. I’m trying to be more intentional about seeing the “mundane” in the world around me, and seeing the beauty in it. When we took our road trip this summer, I was fascinated with barns and windmills, of all things. If you only knew the myriads of pictures I took . . . 🙂

    I loved what you said here: “Because the more intently we look, the more joy we will have in each day’s grace offerings.”

    Loved your thoughts here!

  7. Jeanne, barns and windmills are fascinating things, so I am not surprised that you wanted to stop and appreciate them. I would want to explore them, too.
    I am having to eat my words since writing this, because life’s continual trials threaten my equilibrium on a daily basis. It takes determined deliberation to look for signs of beauty and joy within challenging circumstances. But I aim to keep at it! Bless you for stopping by, my friend.

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