how remembering helps make room for joy



Life passes in a blur and we can become too caught up in busyness to stop and savour the present moment. We forget that Now is all we really have to experience to the full. Except, that is, for those conscious acts of remembrance which stir our hearts with sweet ache of memory, turn thoughts back to gratitude.

I’ve been thinking about my grandson approaching the grand old age of three, reflecting on the enormous privilege of being his grandma, how I get to watch him grow, have a part to play in his future.

This little fellow has truly captured my heart and been teaching me more about joy than any text-book could, because he lives with a confident expectation of life being full of good things. Joy is his default mode most days.

Although I require a lot of support myself due to chronic health problems, I happily, willingly (and probably unwisely?)  go way beyond my normal capacities to offer him love and care, knowing our times together are precious and rare.



When I think about those special times I have shared with him, it awakens me anew to the realisation of holy ground being anywhere heaven touches earth – in the banal and breathtaking, and in the prosaic and playful as well.

Once we look and listen with intent, we sense moments of marvel midst the mundane, observe joy springing up like bulbs eager to greet sunlight. I’m tending to see more in the autumn of my life, remembering anew all that God can do.

Joy given is joy multiplied. We bring our lives as a daily offering to God and watch with wonder as He blesses them beyond measure, to the full and overflowing out to others.

Making space for God is no hardship when He enlarges our capacity for sensing joy in daily life, as well as in His presence. He delights to bring us joy and delight.

Our prayers rise as breath, each one ascending as incense to God’s throne. I inhale and still remember the sweet infant scent of my sons and grandson. It’s a reminder of the fragrance of grace filling everywhere we offer it space.

Dear Father,

As we reflect, remember and relive joy-filled moments, may we prepare our hearts to receive again, ready them for holy whispers and reassurance in the here and now.

Help us to enlarge our happiness with fond remembrance of your goodness and grace in the past, so we can have renewed hope for the future.

May we be aware of the fleeting nature of our days, how every breath and moment is a gift to us, and each day offers fresh opportunity to enjoy the grace gifts already set before us.

Help us to be appreciative receivers and gracious givers of your bounty as we pour ourselves out in the service of others.

Show us how to listen well to your Word, to Holy Spirit and to our lives, heeding all they have to say to us. And to look with deliberate intent as we seek to develop hearts more in tune with yours by surrendering each day into your hands.



Welcome to #day24 of #write31days of journeying into joy

What helps you to actively remember the goodness of the Lord?

I’d love you to share in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “how remembering helps make room for joy

  1. Dear Joy, I loved this thought: “When I think about those special times I have shared with him, it awakens me anew to the realisation of holy ground being anywhere heaven touches earth,” because the old song “We are standing on Holy Ground,” has helped me so often through hard times in my life. Especially during this most recent season there were days that I put that song on repeat, just to remind myself that God is bringing life still, right here. And I loved the photo of your adorable Grandson! What a bright and beautiful smile!! May the Lord continue to bring you joy as you remember these life-moments with him and your family!! –Blessings dear friend! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, I love how our journeys are so intertwined! God is always blessing me through the things you write, and I am honoured to be able to return the privilege. It’s both a beautiful thought and also fighting-faith talk to speak of standing on Holy Ground, because the finished work of Christ is the solid ground on which our faith stands and the means whereby we hold our ground against the enemy. I get a weekly reminder of my grandson when we Skype with the family each weekend. It helps us to keep abreast of the changes taking place as he grows, and enables him to see and talk to ‘Grandma and Grandma TV’ – when he’s not wanting to switch us off in favour of his ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ DVD, that is! Thank you for your sweet words. I always have joy when I think of knowing you, dear friend. It’s been lovely to share this month of writing with you. Blessings on your health and creativity! xoxo

  2. Such an adorable photo of your grandson, Joy. The joy radiates from him. 🙂 Grandkids are so precious, and can give us so much joy. Oh, to live “with a confident expectation of life being full of good things.” They can teach us so much, can’t they? Blessings and hugs to you!

    • Thanks, Trudy, we think it’s adorable too, but we may be a tad biased! Joy definitely radiates from him, and the joy I receive from him feels palpable. I also yearn to live in that way; it would be so freeing, wouldn’t it? Grandchildren are a precious gift indeed, and we can learn many life lessons from little ones. I once wrote a whole blog post on just that topic! Blessings and hugs to you, dear friend. xox

    • Oh mine too, Tara! He’s so naturally joyful, loving and comical. Although, like all toddlers, he is also totally capable of being very frustrating at times in his drive for independent expression. I loved your post about delight! It really lifted my heart to read it. Thanks for pointing me toward it. I’m sorry I can’t keep up with your daily offerings. As this month draws to a close and we get closer to wintry hibernation, so my eyes long for deeper rest and sleep! And I am seriously fatigued after writing nonstop for so many days, though it’s always a joy to have words to write and friends to share them with. xo

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