enjoying God’s transcendence and immanence



Twilight whispers, invites us into silence, speaks softly of things beyond our ken. It suggests a thin place in Celtic mythology, where heaven appears to be touching earth, a time when time itself seems to stand still, heralding an opening between this world and the next.

During twilight, day hasn’t quite yielded to warmer shades of sunset. This is a subtler moment to still our souls, pause and ponder as we await night’s stealthy presence. Twilight isn’t signalling a full stop to daylight so much as inviting us to stop for a while. It’s a moment of holy transcendence, an awareness of deeper things.

I always want the light to linger longer. Maybe it’s an inner yearning mirroring a soul’s desire for God. Perhaps it’s a way of seeking to acknowledge His immanence with us, while allowing room for the mysterious otherness which twilight brings.

Thin Veil

Twilight whispers soft secrets

It is the poet’s pondering

hour, where thin veil conceals

Mystery and showers us

with sweet incense from above

A breathed out benediction

reveals God’s unfading love


Our joy can appear to dissipate like autumnal mists, lost in the ether. How do we hold on to such a precious gift, grace and Holy Spirit-given fruit? Maybe we need to see how joy is always replenished in God’s presence, while we hold onto the Holy in our daily and make space for Mystery.



Our heartfelt praise and gratitude can bring  a glow of joy to our heavenly Father’s heart as well as helping to oil and enhance our own. We can increase our ability to sense heaven’s presence by paying closer attention to those things which speak out God’s nearness with us, maybe by trying some of the suggestions below…

10 ways to sense the heavenly

  • take a walk and talk with God
  • admire the beauty of creation
  • take a photograph
  • sing songs of praise
  • light a candle and meditate
  • write a poem or gratitude list
  • draw or paint a picture
  • spend quality time with loved ones
  • sit, breathe and rest in His presence
  • contemplate, listen and pray

I close with some insightful thoughts from a dear friend of mine in response to following this series:

“How neglected joy is in comparison with the other fruits of the Spirit! It seems to me that we strive for love, hope, mercy, compassion far more than joy… Could it be that joy is the natural by-product of all fruits developed and given because of an intimate communion with Christ and love for God?” ~ Yolanda Green

Her words confirm to me the importance of journeying into joy, its deep significance to us as Christ followers who seek to emulate and reveal His character in all we say, think and do.


Welcome to #day30 of #31days of journeying into joy! Our time together is almost at an end.

It’s been a blessing and a joy to share these thoughts with you. Please join me tomorrow for the final post in this series.



15 thoughts on “enjoying God’s transcendence and immanence

  1. Peaceful, prayerful words, my friend. I think JOY is the one thing I pursue the most in this life. That which this life cannot give. It comes exclusively from Him. This: “Our heartfelt praise and gratitude can bring a glow of joy to our heavenly Father’s heart as well as helping to oil and enhance our own.” It made me think of the virgins and their oil lamps. Perhaps in some way, being filled with the oil of gladness {joy} is the key to entering in. Sacred thoughts – a joy to ponder with you this morning, friend. Blessings on your Sabbath.

    • June, I’ve noticed how much JOY is a great part of your pursuit of God and expression of faith, and how astute it is of you to realise how joy “comes exclusively from Him” as pure gift and grace. Your pondering here has set me thinking…Maybe those who are alert, watchful and eagerly anticipating the Bridegroom’s arrival could also be carrying a larger portion of the oil of gladness/joy, which is the very thing, alongside hope, that keeps their lamps lit brightly as a shining beacon for others, as well as for His imminent appearing. Sacred thoughts, indeed, my friend. It’s a great JOY to see you here and to receive your insightful thoughts! May your Sabbath be a time of joyful rest and peace. xo

  2. This is so beautiful: “thin veil conceals Mystery,” along with “while we hold onto the Holy in our daily and make space for Mystery.” I too have had those moments when I felt the thin veil that conceals eternity, and sensed that the Holy is so much nearer than we realized. What a precious way to live, to look for that Holy Presence coming to dwell in us and bringing to us the Gifts of His Spirit. And I love those thoughts that would bring us to see JOY as the result of those fruits! Thank you for these words on this Sunday morning, my friend! xoxo

    • Bettie, it is indeed “a precious way to live” as we seek out God’s presence in our midst. And sometimes we are given a small glimpse of the eternal in the temporal, a taste of heaven within earth’s thin places, all of which drives our longing to see more, know more, experience more of God Himself. Thank you for letting me know how these posts are speaking to you. I’ve been so blessed by your faithful presence here, dear friend! xoxo

    • Michael, All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day were on my mind when I wrote this. Our days are often shrouded in foggy autumnal mists, an ethereal covering which suggests things unseen. Those “various shadows of life and death” are ever-present, tangibly woven into our everyday. We can scarce escape remembrance, especially in the autumn of our own lives. Fellow traveler-pilgrim, it is an honour to journey with you.

  3. I’ve so loved reading what I’ve been able to of your series, Joy. I called my blog Joy of the Spirit Within because it was so amazing to me that my heart was singing with such joy in such heartache. Making space for the Mystery: yes!

    And the quote you share is an interesting one because entering into joy is really entering into communion with our God, isn’t it? And as your series so beautifully points out this involves daily choices.

    This morning my little girl reminded me of how to commune: she was soaking in the sun, the leaves, the sky with such thankfulness. . . and brimming over with joy. Seeing what I wasn’t looking for 😊. And yesterday she sung all the way to and from church on the front of my bike: made-up songs thanking God for everything she saw.

    • Anna, it’s fascinating to hear the story behind your blog’s name. How apt it is! As are your words here: “entering into joy is really entering into communion with our God, isn’t it?” Oh yes, that’s the key thing.
      How delightful to hear of your daughter giving such spontaneous gratitude and praise for the grace offerings she sees within her day. The young shall lead us into Truth by their open attitude to life as a gift to be appreciated and savoured to the full. I see similar behaviour in my grandson and it always makes me smile. Joy is contagious, right?!
      Thank you for being here. I am grateful for your support, and sorry to have been too tired most days to visit many blogs. But I have read a few inspiring posts in your series via email. Bless you, my friend. Hope rest is on the agenda for you, too. xo

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