a deeper journeying toward the light



Our journey toward the Light of God’s presence will be fraught with detours along the way. Life’s darkness steals around the edges of our days as it seeks to blot out the light. A sweet-pea flower’s fragility reminds us how our lives often feel like a transient, tender flare of brightness set within dark and gloomy circumstances.

Where do we turn to when things go awry? Who do we seek out when in need of soul solace?I’ve found that failing to turn swiftly to God only brings deeper misery. But if we make Him our first port of call, pray instead of trying to cope alone or pushing Him away, then He is ever faithful to come to our rescue.

I’m discovering the dependence which having chronic illness brings can cause frustration,  resentment and unwillingness to yield, but over time it begins to change our perception of surrendering.

The poem below depicts a dragonfly’s journey and also mirrors our human one as we learn to arise, lean toward the light,  become less dependent on self, and sense a bright, joyful welcome in God’s presence.

As dragonflies


We begin

earth grubbing silt and sludge dwellers

stuck mud-deep, dark glooming

in humanity’s squall,

little realising there is a way to climb

free from such insanity; drenched in

slime, smell of death clings fast,

seeping into all

We are

earthbound, plodding through endless days

of toil, rooted in routine, shielded

from questing thought

by the sheer monotony of the way

life trundles on, one day following

another in repetitious refrain, yielding

far less than it ought

We sense

a glint appearing; light wavering

glows slow with fronds emerging

for us to climb upon

Slim reed of hope, discovery,

shoots into view, enticing us to seek

rescue, release from watery grave

echoing a saving song

We rise

blinking in great wonder and delight

As dragonflies, our wings unfurl,

breaking free in dance

of grace, coloured and caught by Light

Every part on fire, shimmering bold,

aswirl with joy untold, glimmering

soul and spirit entranced


We wear faith like a fragrant garland around our weary necks while we press hard into each day’s demands, and we learn how to look for the Light, shake off the dust that clings tenaciously and lean on God for everything.

Our very weakness and fragility, far from being limiting things, become a special means of grace, an opening up to seeing God’s gracious hand at work in the commonplace.

It involves listening with spiritual intent to all our lives are saying to us, hearing the ways God reaches out in love to speak His wholeness into our brokenness.

God is always inviting us to join Him in the Light, to marvel as our beauty unfurls in the warmth of His presence, to see and sense what we have come from and where we are going to.

As we draw closer to Advent, I will be sharing more about our dark, earthbound condition and how God invites us into the airborne freedom of His Light. I’d love to hear how this season is speaking to you.


22 thoughts on “a deeper journeying toward the light

  1. Dear Joy, thank you for this encouraging word. Always bringing refreshing hope in such a tangible way. A dragonfly has been for some time a special symbol for me of new beginnings. 💕

    • Dear Jenneth, I love how God draws in those who need to read and receive the words we write, and I’m honoured to have been the means of encouraging your soul today. May your new beginnings bring renewed hope and joy to you, my friend. xo ❤

  2. Dear Joy, What beautiful thoughts today! I love sweet peas–in fact I grew some special white ones for my daughter’s wedding shower several years ago, so your photo held such a special memory for me. And then this, “Our very weakness and fragility, far from being limiting things, become a special means of grace, an opening up to seeing God’s gracious hand at work in the commonplace,” rings so true with me right now. When I allow myself to move past the stubbornness and look up to catch “a glint appearing; light wavering” I know that He is offering His transforming help right there. Thank you for these much needed words today my friend! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, white sweet-pea flowers seem so apt for a wedding shower. How lovely that you grew them for your daughter! I am definitely a work-in-progress in “moving past the stubbornness” and impatience which we experience when thwarted in our earthly desires. And then God gently reveals how looking to Him instead, and leaning toward the Light of His presence rather than sinking into discouragement or despair, is the best way to live. The more open we are to His grace, the more we see how much God “is offering His transforming help right there” in the middle of our mess. Keep looking for those glints and glimmers appearing, sweet friend! xoxo

  3. Beautiful, Joy. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m trying to make God my “first port of call” instead of stubbornly trying to rely on myself. That release of surrender can be hard, can’t it? Praying we will ever more deeply experience His joy and to “break free in dance” as the dragonfly. Love and hugs!

    • It’s definitely a daily challenge, Trudy. Oh how I can relate to the way our own stubborn independence actually keeps us from turning swiftly to God in faithful prayer and obedient surrender! Joining you in prayer to “ever more deeply experience His joy” as we learn, lean and grow. May we dance freely in the Spirit, even if our bodies can’t quite manage it! Love and hugs! xo ❤

  4. Joy, your poem is so beautiful. I esp love the last part –
    “Every part on fire, shimmering bold,
    aswirl with joy untold, glimmering
    soul and spirit entranced”
    It just gives me chills thinking about it! The dragonfly analogy is perfect!
    Many blessings to you! Love and hugs! xo

    • Gayl, it’s lovely to have been given some lyrical lines that speak to your heart. Many blessings to you, dear friend! I’m so glad you stopped by. Please forgive me if I fail to keep up with your words. Sadly. increased fatigue, brain-fog, weakness and pain are a legacy of last month’s extra busyness for me. Love and hugs! xo

    • Laurie, I read your thoughtful, balanced post yesterday and it speaks well of trusting God for outcomes as well as making way for new beginnings, those green shoots of hope we all long to see appearing. I’ve been praying for all my friends across the pond. Our hearts are also heavy with the way political tides are turning worldwide. May God bless you and make His face shine upon you; may He lift up the light of His countenance upon you and give you peace. xo

      • Laurie, peace feels ever-elusive these days and we just have to cling to a “stubborn hope”, as we also cling hard to God and His mysterious, hidden purposes when life doesn’t make sense. You’re always welcome to my prayers! May God’s supernatural, abundant peace be with you, my friend, today and in the days and months ahead. xo

    • Hi Sue, you’re more than welcome, my friend! Advent is a season of seeking God’s Light more avidly than before, a holy invitation rich with anticipation. May you encounter deeper joy the more you see God’s light at work in the everyday. Bless you. x

  5. Joy,
    This is beautiful! And this is so true: “I’ve found that failing to turn swiftly to God only brings deeper misery.” I’m working on a Kindle version of 7 Days of Soul Care since you and a few others expressed interest. Please pray it can get done; I’m having technical difficulties…even getting the paperback printed was quite a faith adventure for a newbie like me 🙂 May God continue to give you grace as you point others to Him.

    • Dolly, I so appreciate you stopping by! And as a newbie self-published author myself, I know how hard it is to get to grips with all its intricacies. Rest assured, you are in my thoughts and prayers as you navigate this next step.
      I am delighted to hear a Kindle version of your book is being considered and planned. Although I love books and am an avid reader, buying paper copies is often beyond my budget! Blessings on your creativity, inspiration and work for God’s glory. May you be equipped with all you need to accomplish these things. xo

    • Thanks, Julie, I’m so pleased you like it! Yes, we have instant access to God any time we want to, and full reassurance of His abundant comfort and love. I’ve found my deepest soul solace in Him and that’s the main thrust of my book. The poem profiled here was one that didn’t quite make the cut when deciding what to add to it prior to publishing. Have a blessed weekend, friend. 🙂 x

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