about calling, priorities and sensitivity to Holy Spirit



Like a flock of noisy seagulls, voices come at us from all directions, urging activity, challenge and change. What (or who) are we listening to? How do we sift the gold from the detritus, make choices we can live with and trust? In a world vying to be heard, how do we make sure we only take in what we need to?

It’s not easy to avoid all that is clamouring for our attention, or discern the times and tides, especially when so many fresh opportunities are coming our way.  A new year is rife with resolution, full of possibility, potential and hope.

As I try to recover from the festive season, my body is signalling a need to rest but my mind is inclined to pursue the enticement of the Now and the New. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a real issue for many—me, too, sometimes. We can become stalled by indecision, paralysed by too much choice and derailed by the very real possibility of disappointment.

At the risk of lagging behind, disappointing or letting people down, it’s better for us to be true to how we’re currently situated and what we’re capable of without jeopardising our physical or mental health.

My spirit longs to listen to what God is saying to me first and foremost , knowing His ways—though seemingly counter-intuitive at times—are always the best. It pays to heed holy whispers. If He is whispering caution, waiting and rest, then I hesitate to press ahead with the next big thing, because in the end it will fail or I will falter, crash and collapse if I ignore the warning signs.

I love to write and in order to do so I have to prioritise, make creative space, rest, pace and avoid doing anything else for the day that’s an exhausting activity for me. It’s all about calling, priorities and sensitivity to Holy Spirit’s leading and guiding, and giving ourselves permission to rest and recover when we need to.

It won’t wash with me

Political spin

won’t wash with me; I’m resting

in God’s plans, you see



No spin

Life’s waves wash over

my still frame—caught fast by pain

I refuse to spin



Wash me radiant

Wash me radiant

Let your love spin in my heart

Warm from dawn to dark



Today’s haiku have been inspired by the prompt of ‘Spin&Water’ —(which my tired brain somehow interpreted as ‘Spin&Wash’ instead… oops… so that’s what I’ve based these poems on!)—from our poet master, Ronovan, of ronavonwrites.  Just click here to see the rest of the posts and join in if you’d like to.

How are you sifting the wheat from the chaff as you make plans for 2017?

What new thing (or word) has God given you for the days ahead?

16 thoughts on “about calling, priorities and sensitivity to Holy Spirit

    • Michael, I hope and pray those things come true for you. Judging from the beautiful photographs you share, the Rockies area looks lovely and well worth spending time in. Though I also love hearing about your jaunts and pastoral visits elsewhere. Thank you for generously sharing my words! May God bless and strengthen you, my friend. ❤

  1. I love the haikus and your thoughts, Joy. This really tugged at my heart as a longing I have, too – “My spirit longs to listen to what God is saying to me first and foremost , knowing His ways—though seemingly counter-intuitive at times—are always the best. It pays to heed holy whispers.” May our ears be attuned to His whispers in 2017! Love and hugs!

    • Hi Trudy, Happy New Year to you! It’s a joy to see you here, my friend. I hope and pray you have been able to recoup some extra strength and energy from taking a needful break. Looking forward to catching up with your new posts! Thank you so much for being here and sharing sweet encouragement. Blessings, love and hugs to you! xo ❤

  2. I, too, want to be sensitive to God’s leading. It’s really hard sometimes to set priorities, but that’s what I need to do so there is plenty of time each day for spending time with God, writing, creating in other ways, exercising and just being still. Always love your haiku, Joy, and your heart for God. Many blessings to you! xo

    • Gayl, I quite agree with you about the challenge of setting priorities and keeping to them. Life needs to be a balance of rest and activity, especially for those with poor health, extra demands or limited energy. Last year, I witnessed God making so much more of my creative endeavours when they were laid aside for a few months, with my hopes and dreams rested in His loving hands, then resurrected with fresh zest and impetus later down the line. Time spent waiting on God is never wasted, hard as it can feel to our impatient souls. Your latest haiku remind me how all of life is sacred, especially the beauty of creation. It lifts our hearts and fills us up when we see God’s hand at work in the everyday ordinary. Abundant blessings to you, dear friend! xo

  3. Dear Joy,
    It’s wonderful to be back commenting on your blogposts, after a rest for a few weeks! And how appropriate this verse feels to me:

    No spin
    Life’s waves wash over
    my still frame—caught fast by pain
    I refuse to spin

    Even after this brief respite time, I so need to learn more of those thoughts, and truly pay heed to the Holy Whispers. Thank you for sharing from your heart through these beautiful Haiku! Many Blessings and Hugs my friend!

    • Dear Bettie, it is wonderful to welcome you here again! I’m so pleased these words found a home in your heart. I also need to heed holy whispers more than my own inner urging. So often my thoughts spin into cycles of anxiety and I need Holy Spirit stabilisers to keep me steady! Thank you for being here and bringing a dose of joy and encouragement with you each time you visit. Sending blessings and hugs to you, my friend. xo ❤

    • Thanks, Vashti, how kind of you to visit and leave such a lovely comment! I’m at the tail end of my day now, but I hope to stop by your blog before the weekend arrives. Blessings on your creativity, friend! xo 💜

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