searching: looking for truth, spirit harmony and soul peace



We search through dark, inky nights and bright shimmering days. Yet what we long for so often seems to slip away in the haze. Our searching for meaning and significance are inextricably linked to our humanity.

It’s what we were created for: to know that there is so much more than eyes can see, to long for someone who can truly see everything, teach us who we really are and what our purpose might be. We need soul harmony, a spirit aligned with the divine rather than fighting against itself.

Some look to the stars, the moon and all created things, because they whisper secrets of God’s essence. He shines in shades of glory human eyes can contemplate, marvelling as they do at liquid beauty light and hints of magnificence in creation’s outpouring.

What window do we choose from which to view life’s deep secrets? Many are opaque, effectively concealing more than revealing. But the mirror of God’s Word is crystal clear, translucent and transparent, though seemingly hidden at first glance.

In searching the Scriptures we develop a growing awareness of the answers to life’s thorny questions. We gradually discover just who we are, what we need to do and why we are here for such a time as this. Our true identity becomes revealed.

Though there are other ways of searching, understanding our life’s deepest meaning and purpose is best discovered if we ask the Creator and Author Himself to reveal them to us, and come to His Word with a reverent, receptive mind and heart.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” ~ Jeremiah 29:13 NIV

When we look out this window

May a sad fool-heart always

remember vast night stars sailing

like brilliant ice through the sky

And how dark, delicious morning

coffee melted as liquid smile, with

kisses of our velvet poetry—for

only secret desires lie prisoner

when we look out this window




Spirit harmony

Come follow pure, fresh, fertile grass;

behold quiet rustle of peace bloom

bright like Eden’s sacred song,

cycling thick as summer sun

Wander long, wild and deep,

and soft, murmuring breeze will

be a world’s spirit harmony




My way of searching for meaning and significance in my youth led me down some dark and dismal corridors before I found what I was looking for. Thankfully, when I was 17, God opened my eyes to His presence and shone the brilliant beam of His love-light into my heart.

It had been there from the very beginning, of course, but I didn’t know it, because God doesn’t force entry into our lives. Instead, He waits patiently, gently opens windows of opportunity and invites us to enter in.

How have you discovered meaning and significance in your life?

Can you relate to times when God has revealed Himself to you more powerfully?

18 thoughts on “searching: looking for truth, spirit harmony and soul peace

  1. Oh, Joy, these are both beautiful poems! Your introductory words are really poetic, too. Through God’s word and through His creation, we can know Him and know ourselves better. Thank you for always reminding us of God’s truths. Many blessings to you dear Joy, my sister/poet/writer friend! xoxo

    • Gayl, I am honoured by you finding beauty in these words. Thank you for sensing more than eyes can see! I love your kindness and I also value your poetic sensibility. Abundant creative blessings to you, dear sister/writer/poet friend! xoxo

  2. So much truth here, Joy. And you have such a gift at capturing emotions in words.

    It’s funny that so much of what you share here has been put on my own heart today as well. I love how God confirms His path for us through our brothers and sisters in Christ. Meaning and purpose have been much on my mind as of late. And this morning I just sat there and asked God to speak. The words that came were unexpected. Its essence: “Will you slow to let me love you, Anna. Will you be still to let me speak.” And then Bettie shared about centering prayers and I was reminded why I so love to run in the forest: because it stills me to listen, really listen. God is so good and so patient with this stubborn soul 😆.

    Thank you for your beautiful encouragement, Joy. Your words are precious.

    • Hello Anna, it’s lovely to see you here again! I’ve missed your sweet, encouraging presence on the blogs. I love what God is teaching you and whispering softly to your listening soul! How often we need to be reminded that there is meaning and purpose in a slowed down life, in rest and stillness, as well as outer busyness. May you continue to hear God’s words of loving reassurance and tender instruction as you run or rest in Him. Bless you, dear friend! xox

  3. And I meant to say this is my favourite bit in what you share: “But the mirror of God’s Word is crystal clear, translucent and transparent”. When He speaks, that’s what He brings to me.

    • Anna, you are privileged indeed to receive heart words from the Lord arriving with transparency and clarity. I can see this season of stillness and time of drawing aside to be closer to God is having a profound effect on you and will bear fruit for months to come. It’s a real gift of grace to be able to meet regularly with Him in the still, sacred place. It makes my heart yearn for such intimacy myself, though my current circumstances make it very challenging. xo ❤

  4. Dear Joy,
    These are such precious poems and words today! This speaks so much truth to me: “We need soul harmony, a spirit aligned with the divine rather than fighting against itself,” as I am slowly learning in this place of stillness to find soul harmony with God. I want to hurry the process, but truly God says to: “Wander long, wild and deep,” and He sees the joy in the slowness, so differently than I would see! Thank you for these beautiful reminders, especially in the middle of winter here, with the green of spring still far away. Bless you for sharing your own heart-longing with all of us. Hugs and Love to you my friend! xo

    • Dear Bettie, poetry tends to swiftly take us to the heart of things, doesn’t it? And there we find that the truth of who we are and how we feel become an open door for God to shine His glorious Truth into those fragile, vulnerable corners of our heart. I fully sympathise with wanting to “hurry the process”, learn the lessons and move on to the next thing. But God would have us linger longer and absorb all He wants to say to us. May you be given the ability to “wander long, wild and deep” into those things that are so precious for your soul and will remain as keepsakes of His loving touch. Hugs and love to you, sweet friend! xo ❤

    • Trudy, it’s enough that you stopped by with your beautiful butterfly logo and spread some sweet hope and encouragement with your presence. Although God has graciously inspired my ability to write regularly, I’m still struggling to keep on top of my blog reading, but I hope to catch up with yours soon. Have a lovely week, dear friend. Blessings and hugs to you! xo<3

  5. Love this nugget of truth: “We search through dark, inky nights and bright shimmering days. Yet what we long for so often seems to slip away in the haze. Our searching for meaning and significance are inextricably linked to our humanity.”

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