ancient: God’s ever-new and ancient ways threading through our days


We live, survive and thrive within love’s grasp—the tender canopy holding us gently all our days—and rest in God’s safe, secure  arms. Love is the precursor of our existence, planned since the beginning of time, as Holy Love smiled on our arrival, our life finally unfolding before His very eyes.

God offers us an ancient love walk: a swift slide through seasons and sensations, a slow stroll of learning His ways in the fires of adversity and realms of experience, and a walk of stumbling faith over dusty, wilderness pathways and rocky terrain.

We become birthed into the new of our life’s beginning. We are offered a new birth in Christ as a fresh beginning, a clean slate start for our messed up lives and broken hearts. Because the ancient patterning from Eden still lingers in our DNA.

We are meant for more than this life can offer or convey. Though sin rules and reigns in hearts far from God, His desire is for all of us to return to our pre-Fall state by His goodness and grace, His mercy and forgiveness in Christ. And to get to know His wonderful love, its wise, ever-new and ancient ways threading through our earthly days.

On this, the first day of spring, my magnetic poetry thoughts have taken a walk into the heady days of summer and stretched into our life’s dependence on God…

Ancient love walk

A bee’s intuition is to stroll

insect-gentle and soft over blossom,

like an ancient nature love walk

above beautiful summer flowers; and

behold full, deep, moist spring beneath,

thriving like life’s thick, green river

vine wanders wildly in my soul



We once walked with God as naturally as we might accompany a good friend—relaxed, happy and chatting easily together. Now we dream hopefully, long to recapture better days, and have a deep soul yearning for our Edenic state, where we lived and walked freely, bathed in Love’s continual light.

Our urge to dream

When we recall our urge to dream,

live in love’s light and elaborate

on life’s bare beauty, let’s sit

together here and whisper of

summer swims and cool sea spray,

beating sweet as music mist

on skin, shining fast like a

thousand tiny water tongues


14 thoughts on “ancient: God’s ever-new and ancient ways threading through our days

  1. Dear Joy,
    These are beautiful poems and thoughts today! This especially, from your title and then later on: “And to get to know His wonderful love, its wise, ever-new and ancient ways threading through our earthly days,” brings such a comfort to my heart. Our Lord truly is ever-new even while He is the Ancient of Days. And your poetic picture of those bees also touched my heart, as my husband & I just finished watching a BBC show all about bees and their hives. It was so fascinating as they described the myriad of ways that bees and flowers do seem to communicate with each other! And so your line:
    “ancient nature love walk
    above beautiful summer flowers”
    was made all the more beautiful to me as I pondered those images too. Thank you for sharing the gift of your poetry with us, and bringing joy and comfort to my days! Love and Hugs to you, Dear Friend! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, what glorious God-given timing to have my words coming to you just after you have watched a BBC programme about bees! They definitely are fascinating creatures, aren’t they? The image of the bee above was captured in our garden a couple of summers ago. Sadly, the UK are experiencing a dwindling bee population, making us even more grateful when they do visit our plants.
      I didn’t have “the Ancient of Days’ on my mind when I wrote this but I guess it must have been at the back of my thoughts somehow. Yes, we marvel at God’s ever-youthful newness, energy and zest, even as we are reminded of His timelessness! It makes me very happy to bring a smile, or some joy and comfort to your days through my words. And God knows, we could use a fresh infusion of them all each day! Blessings, love and hugs to you, sweet friend. xoxo

  2. Joy, I love both of these! They are refreshing and inspiring. I especially love this thought – “…cool sea spray beating sweet as music mist on skin…” Music mist just sounds enthralling to me. I love Imaginative writing and yous is so full of imagery.

    Love and hugs and blessings to you, dear friend and fellow poet! xoxo

    • Gayl, it’s a wonder what gets woven from a set of magnetic poetry, isn’t it?! We may have ideas along the way, then have to make continual adjustments when the elusive words we’re seeking fail to materialise. At least that’s how it works for me! And we also have a Holy hand guiding our choices, suggesting new expressions to our minds and bringing it all together into a cohesive whole. I’m so pleased you liked this selection. May you continue to be inspired to write your own beautiful poetry, dear fellow poet, sweet sister and lovely friend! Bless you. xoxo

      • “We may have ideas along the way, then have to make continual adjustments when the elusive words we’re seeking fail to materialise.” That’s exactly how it works for me, too! We are definitely “kindred spirits” aren’t we? 🙂 I was at my oldest daughter’s from Fri – Tues, so I haven’t had much time to create. I may try some magnetic poetry tonight or do the haiku challenge. Thank you for your encouragement to keep writing. 🙂 Many blessings to you, sweet Joy! xoxo

      • Gayl, you are such a kindred sister spirit to me in so many ways! I’m always happy if I can help support and encourage fellow poets/writers/creatives with their art. I can get a bit antsy if I fail to write for a while. But once those creative juices start flowing then I don’t want to stop! Happy writing, sweet poetic friend. xox ❤

    • Tara, I think it might have been World Poetry Day yesterday, perhaps? There are so many poetic occasions, it’s hard to keep up with them all! We usually have April as National Poetry month and I believe National Poetry Day is a movable feast, varying a bit each year, rather like Easter. Mind you, I think every day should be one where reading and writing poetry is to be enjoyed and encouraged, but I am a tad biased, of course! Thank you for your generous words, dear friend. Bless you. xo ❤

    • Michael, it’s lovely that you have found a takeaway offering here, my friend. I’m always blessed by your willingness to share my work with your readers. Thank you! x ❤

  3. I love these poems and thoughts, Joy. My heart let out a peaceful sigh as I imagined myself into your poems. The bee’s “ancient nature love walk” and the “thousand tiny water tongues” of the sea. 🙂 Thank you. I hope you and your husband are getting enough rest and recuperating your strength. Love and hugs to you!

    • Trudy, it doesn’t surprise me to hear you lost yourself in these poems, being such an avid nature lover and appreciator of a creative imagination as you are! My husband seems to be doing really well, thanks. I struggle most to surface and wake up fully before lunch time. But we are both trying to rest and recuperate as much as possible. It often means I get more productive creatively (and able to cope with a bright screen) nearer to bedtime! Then switching off to sleep can be challenging. Your prayers, love and hugs are so appreciated and duly reciprocated! xo ❤

    • Dear June, it’s so encouraging to hear how you’ve been helped here, my friend. Thank you for letting me know how this post has spoken to you. May you have a blessed, restful weekend. xo ❤

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