storm: what to do while looking for a break in the clouds


I’m a curled comma, crouched under the duvet, waiting for the storm to pass. Hoping it will be short-lived—relentless, sharp and heavy as it is. This is no ordinary storm, though it’s physical enough.

It’s a dark cloud covering raining down weariness, weakness, profound fatigue, swirling brain fog and constant pain. Bolts of lightning shoot through muscle and bone like fiery darts, making me horribly aware of my fragile frame and frail humanity, and how it hurts so easily.

Maybe you’ve got some storm clouds hovering over you? They could be physical, financial, emotional or relational. Perhaps you, too, are waiting for the weather of your circumstances to improve and longing for those dark clouds to give way to sunshine again.

It is said that every cloud has a silver lining, and that we can learn to dance in the rain. Optimism is a wonderful thing, but there are days and seasons when we lack the wherewithal to stay positive. What then?

We can take comfort from having a God who walks on water, as Master and Lord of any storm we may encounter. He invites us to come, look up and keep our eyes on Him, listen to His voice above the surging din, ignore waves rising and our fear of drowning, and confidently reach out for His hand instead.

Healing air of Home

When dark nights haunt a good morning

let’s dance slow to life’s hot fire and

picture a young, green universe, like velvet

breath-kiss, embracing peace with angel breeze

See how healing air of Home bleeds open

like sacred ocean smile—and here we fly



Sometimes the storms are literal. Many a dramatic summer drenching from years ago springs to mind, where we had to urgently gather our belongings and hurry off  the beach, as thunder and lightning crashed above our heads and some brave souls stayed in the sea! Though thirsty land and plants welcome each refreshing drop from heaven.

Lively water music

Summer beauty is so black-dress gorgeous

as purple petal rain storm rips through

garden’s elaborate gown like mad language

and lies languid as drooling death—beating

time with lively water music—as sun’s hot

tongue still sits and sings over our skin



Life’s sudden squalls and storms begin to dissipate as we yield to God’s free-flowing river of grace, His vast ocean of love and continual rivulets of peace. In the surrender of resting prayer we are given means to cope and rise above it all.

And in the remembrance of God’s goodness toward us, we have resources for  the stormy days ahead, while we look for a break in the clouds today.

18 thoughts on “storm: what to do while looking for a break in the clouds

  1. Dear Joy,
    Oh I am so sorry for the physical weight that you have been carrying lately! I understand too well, the effect of that weight on these broken-down immune systems of ours. But what precious words our Lord has spoken to you in the very midst of those nights of pain, that HE helps us to be “embracing peace with angel breeze.” I love that beautiful picture! As I offer my prayers for you in the nightwatches, may I find that same breeze of angel peace here! Your way with words always stirs my soul to look beyond myself and find GRACE in these days. Much Blessings, love and hugs to you Dear Friend! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, thank you so much for your compassionate words and caring prayers. Nights and days can affect us the same, can’t they? Pain is no respecter of time. But the blessing of sweet communion with our Lord, whispered reassurance, and holy inspiration arising, make these times not only bearable but somehow mysteriously tinged with His beauty. Maybe we sense the way suffering is so familiar to Jesus that He inhabits ours without a second thought and with a kind of graciousness we can’t help but wonder at. Your words always stir me to see the depths of the ones I have been gifted with, as they also reveal the depths of your loving heart. Much blessing, love and hugs to you, discerning friend! xoxo

  2. I’m so sorry you have constant pain and weariness, Joy. That can weigh down the spirits so easily. This beautiful picture especially comforts me – “Life’s sudden squalls and storms begin to dissipate as we yield to God’s free-flowing river of grace, His vast ocean of love and continual rivulets of peace.” It’s hard to yield, but when we do, the storms inside our souls must die down even when the ones in our bodies or our lives keep raging. May we lean into our Savior and our Refuge from the storms! Love and hugs to you!

    • Trudy, your kindness and compassion are a lovely grace gift to me and so many. Yes, I have felt rather weighed down, flattened even by the heaviness of pain and fatigue, and grateful to have had a better day today, praise God! Though I still tire very easily and cannot accomplish much, it is such a relief to feel well enough to reply to you here and thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers. And it’s a joy to hear how you have been comforted by the words I’ve shared. Amen to this: “May we lean into our Savior and our Refuge from the storms!” Blessings, love and hugs to you, dear friend. xoxo

    • Dear June, I love how you’ve described these words as “a gentle breeze to my soul”, and I am touched by the thought of being able to minister a little to you, whose words never fail to reach and affect me for good. There are still a few dark clouds drifting desultorily away, but on the whole my storm has passed and relief is at hand. Thank you for being here and for brightening up my day with your words. Bless you, sweet friend! xo ❤

    • Bless you, Michael! I would love to be able to write from a better place and brighter perspective but have always tried to stay true to how I am situated. I hope and pray your readers will find a crumb of encouragement in this post. Thank you for honouring God’s work in me. ❤

    • Ah..yes, “lift-off, only a prayer away”—such a comforting thought! Laurie, I so appreciate you sparing time and energy to stop by. And your healing thoughts are prayer breaths we are truly grateful for. Sending prayer breaths back to you and your beloved. May Dreamer begin to breathe more freely, inhaling grace and strength with every breath. May you be strengthened and sustained to aid his recovery, serve in love, and be given fresh resources with each new day. Blessings, love and gentle hugs to you, dear friend. xo

    • You’re more than welcome, dear Vashti! May you be enabled to look for a break in the clouds and find shelter when life’s storms rain heavy. Bless you, sweet friend. ❤

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