from dawn to dusk God shouts out his love for us


I often witness sunsets but rarely wake early enough to see in the dawn. When I do, it’s always with breath-held awe. Few other sights grant us such a glorious reminder of God’s hand at work, as He whispers to the sun to “do it again!”, delighting in giving us the gift of one more day.

If we appreciate the created world, take time to observe with our senses alive, we become participators in one of the greatest shows on earth. From dawn to dusk, God is shouting out His love for us, urging His bleary-eyed children to wake up and smell the potential wrapped up in this divine offering from heaven above.

As someone who fails to wake (or sleep) well in the natural, I need all the supernatural assistance I can get, (plus coffee!) to enliven me from the inside out. Even if it takes until noon, it’s still a good practice to pause, breathe, sit quietly, rest and absorb life outside a window before getting too embroiled in tasks.

Just this afternoon, I saw a beautiful little bird in the garden, who swiftly evaded my rather slow attempts to pin her down with my camera, sad to say… maybe another day. Such unexpected sights set our hearts alight. And people-watching is often a favoured (natural?) activity for writers.  🙂

Maybe as we covertly watch those around us, we can praise God for creating this person and that, pray for them as they pass us by, try to read the inner ache and longing in their eyes, seek to remember how God lovingly crafted each one— including those we may not actually like very much!


Behold, bright spring dawn shines frosty-quiet, moist

and cold—above which moon withers soft, at rest

Gentle insect walk murmurs deep, secret, season peace

sweet like forest air poetry, and every fresh flower

tendril will thrive between stony rock-moss vine

And we nature-watch, rooted in this sacred world



When we do stop and look outside, or take a walk if we are able, we find our souls coming alive to the beauty on our doorstep and beyond, relaxing in the midst of God’s creation, becoming freer on the inside as we open ourselves to a keen-eyed awareness affecting  heart and soul.

Life is always overshadowed by the thought of death, but that shouldn’t stop us from appreciating the here and now and letting tantalising images of eternity play in our minds instead…

Like petals whisper

Life sings sweetly, like petals whisper smooth over

skin, but some say crush of death is like cool rain,

shadow-mist symphony—it swims through our fingers

Together, we sit and watch sun’s beauty soaring hot and

shining above the blue, as love recalls a sad dream


14 thoughts on “from dawn to dusk God shouts out his love for us

  1. Dear Joy,
    You have such a way of making phrases come alive within your poems, Dear Friend! And I loved this thought: “Life is always overshadowed by the thought of death, but that shouldn’t stop us from appreciating the here and now and letting tantalising images of eternity play in our minds instead…” Oh, may my heart rise to those images that God wants to give me! What a sweet gift he brought to let that little bird land in the garden while you were watching. They have such a way of bringing cheer to us, don’t they? I am thankful that you have been able to gather glimpses of nature this week. But I will continue to pray for restful sleep for you! Our weary bodies need that refreshing so much. Hugs and Love to you! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, you have such a wonderful way of making me smile and offering kind encouragement everywhere you go! It was actually my watchful husband who saw the bird first and indicated I should grab my camera and go take a look. Though I saw the sweet little creature hopping about on our sparse grass, she disappeared sharpish once I attempted to step outside the door and capture her presence! However, I witnessed her soaring across the rooftops and landing close by again, but was again too slow to get a shot. Thank you so much for your prayers. Rest and sleep should be a relatively easy accomplishment in the scheme of things but can prove elusive at times. Yes to your words here: “Our weary bodies need that refreshing so much.” May you be given the means to rest well, too, my friend, and recover from having your lovely family to stay recently. Blessings, love and hugs happily returned to you! xoxo

  2. Nature certainly does set something free inside of us, doesn’t it? I am so happy that God sent you that bird, Joy. Even if you didn’t get a photo, the picture can still rest in your heart and give hope. Birds to me are always signs and seals of God’s faithfulness. Thank you for these thoughts, poems, and the encouragement to enjoy the beauty in the here and now. Love and hugs to you!

    • Trudy, thank you so much for your kind and understanding words. I love the thought that although I failed to get a photograph, “the picture can still rest in your heart and give hope.” Yes, indeed! It’s interesting you see birds as “signs and seal of God’s faithfulness”, whereas, to me they signify the same kind of freedom a butterfly shares as they flit from flower to flower. Only birds seem to be able to go higher and further! They also remind me of your site’s theme of “freed to fly” and all it entails in a life of faith. I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my appreciation of the created world, especially as it is such a strong message on your blog, particularly with the monthly round up of nature photographs we all adore. Love and hugs to you, sweet friend! xo ❤

  3. I love the power of nature to invigorate me and help me refocus. I think all the gadgets and screens around today keep us distracted from the gentle beauty of the created world. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Hi Karen, it’s good to hear you “love the power of nature to invigorate us”, whether we are able to walk and travel to appreciate it, or mainly enjoy those things close at hand. I quite agree with how easily we can all become distracted by the devices in our hands and how screen viewing can take up an inordinate amount of time. Yet nature’s “gentle beauty” is so inviting to those who are soothed by it! I often long to see more than my housebound life usually allows, and at times like that I feel grateful to have TV to watch and expand my limited horizons. Blessed to see you here, friend! 🙂

    • Barbie, I’m so glad to have brought you a flavour of nature to savour! These thoughts help me when I’ve become more housebound than usual. Blessed to see you here, my friend. Have a great weekend with your family! xo

    • Vashti, it’s those times when I manage to get to see the glory of the world around me that my heartstrings are especially tugged by the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. If I have succeeded in conveying a little of that experience to you with these words then I am truly thankful! Bless you for your kindness, my friend. xo ❤

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