warmed: cold hearts are warmed by God’s amazing love


We’re on the threshold of an arrival. Are we waiting with eager expectation or indifference? Although external temperatures might be low, are we being warmed on the inside by the thought of Christ’s immanence with us?

Will we greet Jesus with joy? Or might we ignore Him, like a sideshow we don’t have  time for as we busy ourselves with preparations? It’s possible to press our noses close to the manger, be captivated by the Nativity, yet miss the wonder of the infant Incarnate Christ within.

Will we allow our cold, wintry hearts to become warmed by the love of God? I hope so. Because He desires our heart’s devotion above all things and longs for us to open the door to Him.

I am like most of you: knee-deep in extra busyness, weary while waiting and exhausted by the preparation. But as I pause to ponder just what we are about to celebrate and Who this feast is really about, I see how easy it can be to slide into secularism and neglect the most important thing.

Maybe, as we wrap presents, ready ourselves to exchange gifts and attend to last-minute activities, we can try to focus our attention on recognising the presence of God in our midst.

Because He breathes out His beauty every day. He is ready to rule and reign, starting with one surrendered heart at a time. Jesus is the Gift. Jesus is all we ever truly need. 

I have taken an imaginary winter walk in the sonnet below. Come join me? Together we can discover grace being showered on us liberally like snow from heaven above, thawing out our chilled, distracted hearts.

Hearts are warmed

We walk, crunching grass crystal shards beneath our feet,
Seeing hoar frost sparkle like diamonds twinkling in the dark,
While air swirls breath into a misted fog and fingertips freeze.
Icy ground is too frozen hard for footsteps to leave a mark
But these wintry sights enliven a chilled environment.
And hearts are warmed by creation’s breathed out beauty
Where heaven’s wings touch earth out of love, not duty,
And sprinkle shining stardust by angelic intent.
Maybe the human mind should wonder on seeing snow,
Become captivated and charmed by how a landscape
Can alter in a moment, setting cold hearts aglow,
Initiating a thaw within, making way for God’s grace.
A melting of minds begins a bonfire of the vanities,
Whereby space is created to believe and receive.

Dear friends, I hope and pray you will have a happy and blessed Christmas celebration, with your hearts warmed by God’s amazing love. I’ll be sharing my 4th Sunday in Advent poem on Poetry Joy’s Facebook page this weekend, then I am taking a break until the new year. You can read the offering to come and catch up with the rest of the Advent poems here. Lots of love, Joy xo ❤

12 thoughts on “warmed: cold hearts are warmed by God’s amazing love

    • Dear Michael, thank you for generously sharing this post with your readers! May you know the joy and peace that only God can give us as we celebrate Jesus coming to earth. Every blessing for this special season of Love come down. ❤

  1. O “how a landscape” or a life “can alter in a moment.”

    I’m thinking of G. M. Hopkins’ “inscape.”
    I am thinking of “immanence.”
    I am thinking of you and your beloved and thanking God above for all the above. Merry Christmas, dear Joy. And blessed respite in the days running up to the New Year. Running up? No. Strike that. In the days of warming up for the New Year’s unfolding . . .

    • Dear Laurie, I love how your peerless poetic eye sees beyond the mere words I write, sensing holy echoes I might not be attuned to myself. The reference to G. M Hopkins and the concept of “inscape” sent me scurrying for clarification. And what I found left me feeling how profound it is! In these soul quietening days, surrounded by family busyness and extra demands on my health, I think a slow slide into 2018 and a gradual warming up as it unfolds sounds ideal. Many blessings of health, strength, joy and peace to you and your loved ones in the days ahead. xo 💜

    • Thank you, Tara! The last few days have been very wearying and hectic but I am happy to have been able to reply before Christmas comes. Merry Christmas to you, too, sweet friend! xo 😊💜🎄🌟

  2. Dear Joy,
    Thank you for these beautiful thoughts! These stanzas are ringing in my ears tonight:

    “And hearts are warmed by creation’s breathed out beauty
    Where heaven’s wings touch earth out of love, not duty,”

    Oh how I pray that my heart will be stirred when I look for that “breathed out beauty” the Lord sends every day all around me! And then, that I would let Him move me to touch those around me, not for duty’s sake alone, but for the purest form of LOVE from Him. I pray that the Lord will bless you with these very gifts now, as you travel for Christmas! Blessings Love and Hugs to you and your family! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, I am sure a heart as hungry as yours is to seek wonder in the everyday and discover the beauty of God’s presence will not come away disappointed or unsatisfied. God always responds to those eager to hear and receive from Him in the minutiae of their lives. I see that unselfish LOVE pouring out of you, sweet friend. It’s clearly evident in the way you act toward others. And I feel greatly blessed to be within its orbit!
      We’re so thankful for your faithful prayers. Our journey was much better than anticipated and we made it there before darkness set in. Now I am trying to rest as much as possible and recoup some energy and strength, while seeking to give the family the attention they deserve. Though our grandson has no hesitation in making me his playmate and monopolising most of my time! Sending blessings, love and hugs to you and your family! xoxo 💜🎄🌟

    • Thank you, June! May it be also be so for you and yours in 2018. We could all use a fresh infusion of deep down Holy JOY! A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, dear friend! xo 😊💜🎄🕊

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