simplify: simplifying by expanding our holy joy #FMF


January invites us to set new goals and parameters, expand our plans and interests, or maybe mirror winter-bare trees as we try to simplify, pare back after the indulgence of Christmas excess, shake loose our encumbrances and embrace less.

Minimalism began to whisper my name a few months ago and (at a snail-like speed, of course), I began tentatively journeying towards it. However, I have been greatly hampered in my efforts to cut back and declutter, due to the usual depletion and weakness, higher priorities demanding attention and worsening health issues.

While my home has small areas that are trimmed back to basics, much of it is still very cluttered, messy and untidy. Although I haven’t given up on changing that scenario, even if my health and inner life look like they need to be a top priority right now.


Looking around my house, I still see evidence

and detritus of Christmas, but is that a bad thing?

Shouldn’t the incarnation of Christ be at the heart

of my home, my life, my work and witness for him?

I need to simplify, I really do, not just remove the

mess and clutter but make God the primary focus

of my life, and try not to live in a me-centric way

where holy joy cannot get a foot in the door or stay.

I need to simplify, have a daily soul cleanse and

decluttering, plus a minute-by-minute awareness,

mindful walk of faith. If not, I am in grave danger of

creating islands of junk, falling foul of their stink

and letting rot sink into my soul, because my

perspective gets skewed. Lord, would you help me

to try to simplify, to place all that I am into your hands

and centre my thoughts more on living according

to the Light within? May I follow your footsteps, seek

hard after your heart, surrender to your loving plans

long created for me to fully believe and receive.


**This year my primary focus is simplified down to an essential, as I aim to prioritise my God-given word of “joy”**

Today’s joy notes…

  • my sore throat easing and pain being less invasive
  • a good night’s sleep for once, praise God!
  • energy and inspiration enough to write
  • flu symptoms abating a bit, yay!
  • a beautiful bright, sunny day, which lifts my mood immensely

I am also joyful to be joining with my lovely five-minute-friday friends after a long, long absence! You can find us sharing our words here. and you’re very welcome to join in too. This week’s word is ‘simplify’.


PS: In case you’re interested in the concept of minimalism, I’m getting a lot of useful tips and inspiration for a minimalist lifestyle from the ‘Becoming Minimalist’ blog, in reading Joshua Becker’s book ‘Simplify’ and dipping into his more detailed read, ‘The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own’.  🙂 ❤

14 thoughts on “simplify: simplifying by expanding our holy joy #FMF

  1. Hope you are restored 100% to health soon. Your post reminds me of why I keep one nativity up all year round. As a friend asked, “Should we just celebrate Jesus one day a year?” No!! A simple reminder to simplify and focus on what’s truly important–love God, love each other. I’m in the 7 spot this week.

    • Me, too, Tara, although my “normal” state is far from 100%! I love the thought of keeping a nativity up all year. What a great idea! Jesus isn’t just for Christmas, He’s for a lifetime. And if it helps us to stay focused on the way we “love God, love each other”, then that’s a bonus. Your #FMF post was moving and beautiful. Bless you, friend. xo

    • Mari-Anna, on visiting your site and reading the way you are learning how to simplify your life and home, it stuck me as so inspirational. I hope and pray both of us will experience more joy as we continue to release all that holds us back from feeling free. Happy simplifying! Bless you, my friend! ❤

  2. Dear Joy,
    Your words are so convicting and truth-filled for me today. I can see that so much of my activity in the past has needed to be de-cluttered so that God’s Spirit would have more of that free access to my heart. This touched me so much:

    “I need to simplify, have a daily soul cleanse and
    decluttering, plus a minute-by-minute awareness,
    mindful walk of faith”

    And I want to pray this same thing along with you. Thank you for sharing these words from the Lord! And I love these joyful graphics you are sharing here too! Praying for continued healing, my friend. Love & Hugs across the pond!

    • Dear Bettie, would you believe those words also hit home to me? I was definitely convicted as I read over them! Shall we pray and support one another in this? It would be wonderful to have your help and prayers! I’m glad you like the joyful graphics I have used. I can see this new word is already shaping how I want to view my life and the world around, even if I have barely begun to see its extent or depth. Thank you so much for your prayers! You and yours are also in mine. How we need some strength to face what life throws at us! Blessings, love and hugs to you! xo ❤

  3. “…creating islands of junk, falling foul of their stink

    and letting rot sink into my soul..” Oh, yes. Those stinky islands start so subtly, quietly taking over the gorgeous expansive panorama of what God wants for us. Great post!
    Visiting from #43 in FMF. God bless!

    • Hi Vicki, it’s lovely to meet you! I agree with your vivid desccription of how “stinky islands” can infiltrate our souls. They certainly do deprive us of the “gorgeous expansive panaorama” that God desires us to have. Thanks for visiting! You’re welcome to drop by any time. Blessings for the week ahead. 🙂

    • You, too, Nancie? I hope you mean you can identify with the need to simplify and remove the clutter, rather than the sickness that currently has me in its grip. Yes, I hope to get well soon, thank you! Bless you. xo

      • not ill right now–went to that party last November. I do really resonate with simplify! I do hope you are feeling better soon–this infection/flu stuff is really taking a toll on folks. Blessings!

      • Oh what a relief to hear you’re keeping free from flu! I might have been given the word “joy” for 2018 but I think it has many layers, one of which is to simplify my life and home, losing extraneous clutter along the way. This seems to be a better day for me, praise God! At least I am able to finally answer the comments on the blog. Stay well, my friend. xo ❤

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