The Breath of Life

I love these thoughts on Holy Spirit breath as expressed by Elizabeth. A prayer, contemplation and meditation in one.

The Contemplative Path

Breathe in

Breathe deeply

Breathe in the Presence

Breathe in the Holy Spirit

Breathe it into your mind

And be stilled

Breathe it into your body

And feel Healing

Breathe it into your heart

And feel Love

Breathe it into your spirit

And be inspired

The Breath of God

Breathes constantly

Bringing Life into our lives

Resuscitating us

Renewing us

Reviving us

For it is very often as if we are starved

Of spiritual oxygen

Gasping for the Breath we need

To give us air

To fill us

And to intoxicate us

With love for the Spirit

And service to its Life

This day and every day


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9 thoughts on “The Breath of Life

  1. Dear Joy,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. Immediately before I came to read this, I was listening to a song that kept repeating, “Fill me up Lord, fill me up.” We need His Holy Spirit breath so much! Love & Hugs! xoxo

    • You’re welcome, Bettie! As you will discover, in WordPress it’s easy to like or reblog a post you have enjoyed. And Elizabeth’s gentle, poetic words are well worth sharing. Xox 💜

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    • It’s gorgeous, isn’t it, Laurie? Elizabeth writes such beautiful, contemplative prayer poetry. I especially love this one and couldn’t resist sharing it here. Her blog is well worth following. It’s an oasis of peace in the online busyness I often long to escape! 😊💜

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