snow: a world washed clean like grace in action


There’s something rather wonderful about snow. It falls gentle as feathers. It rests like soft drapes to comfort a winter-cold world. In its clean, pristine brilliance it makes us gasp. We are awed by this glorious reminder that purity can exist and shine bold like this.

Until footprints make it fluff and scuff. Until rain dissolves it into mush and slush. Before ice makes it treacherous to traverse. Prior to hands reaching out to grab handfuls to shape into hard-hitting snowballs.

Before all this and a world having to push through it to go about its business, we see earth hushed into reverent silence. We witness the chill and warm ourselves on thoughts that comfort cold hearts. We warm our souls on the awe and wonder reminders of God’s goodness and grace.

We are reminded that the Light of Christ and His amazing Love shines blindingly laser-bright, more radiantly than this, and we too are washed pure and clean by His cleansing blood sacrifice on the Cross.

The season of Lent may feel like it goes on forever and maybe it does in our souls to some extent. But oh what a vibrant Hope awaits us once the dark road to Golgotha is walked and we meet Jesus on the other side of His resurrection morning rising!

Today I bring you a helping of haiku. A trio of thoughts inspired by the sights out of my window or seen from a doorway, where opening up has become a rather challenging task due to the weight of wonder sitting on the step in all its glorious whiteness.  🙂

white like ice-cream

barely settled snow
ridges of white like ice-cream
waiting to be scraped

night-time snowfall

earth has the blues

green earth has the blues
draped in chill, shadowed and still
her colours show through

blue-shadowed snow bathed in sunlight

heaven’s coverlet

a world blanketed
with heaven’s white coverlet
snug and sleepy now

a garden blanketed in snow

8 thoughts on “snow: a world washed clean like grace in action

  1. Dear Joy,
    What beautiful gifts from the snow-stillness here! Thank you for allowing God to bring beauty from this place of hushed quietness. I have to say that my favorite though, is the middle Haiku, because when a late season snow falls I surely can identify with having “the blues.” 🙂 Oh, but what a message of hope here:
    “shadowed and still
    her colours show through”
    Even in the forced stillness, all is not drab and grey for our hearts, when the colors and light of Jesus still shine through! Thank you for these bits of hope on this first day of March. Much Love and Hugs to you my dear friend!! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, I think that’s my favourite haiku as well, because the blue-shadowed snow seems to glow with greater intensity and the tiny specks of visible greenery speak of the hope of spring to me. We may be mired in cold, snow and slush, prone to bouts of the winter blues as we struggle to stay warm, but underpinning the beginning of March is Easter Hope to come! I am so pleased you see this too, my friend. Much love and hugs! xoxo 💜

  2. The middle haiku is my favorite, too, Joy. Like Bettie, one I can identify with. I looong for more green and new life. God still sends beauty in snow though. It prompts me to pray, “Wash me, make me whiter than the snow, Lord.” Then last week after it snowed more than four inches, the next day the sun was shining so brilliantly. The untrodden snow looked like it was glittering with diamonds. I was so awed. 🙂 Love and hugs to you!

    • Trudy, I delight in that twinkling diamond-bright appearance too. Snow is a marvel to behold, at least when it’s freshly fallen and untouched! But I also ache for the vibrancy of spring signalling winter’s end and new beginnings. May it come soon in our soul’s landscape, as well as the world around us. Meanwhile, let’s try to maintain those feelings of awe and wonder, especially when they bring Scripture to our remembrance. Love and hugs, dear friend! xo 😊💜

    • I’m glad it spoke to you, my friend, and honoured to have you share this with your readers! Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. Bless you, Michael! ❤

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