prompt: a way of easing back into writing after taking a break

A blank page can be rather daunting, can’t it? When you want to ease yourself back to writing again after taking a break, there’s often no better way than by responding to a creative prompt. It helps that someone else has done the initial thinking work for you! Though Holy Spirit inspired listening to life is invaluable to me too.

One of my favourite creative prompts to dive into after resting my words for a while is the Twittering Tales series—where we write within Twitter’s character limit restraints in response to a photograph—hosted by my delightfully eclectic poetic friend Kat Myrman, especially because images so often stir creative juices in me.

Today’s offering is more light-hearted than usual and has veered in the direction of both poetry and prose. I hope it inspires you to have a go yourself….

photo by leoperezwildadventure – courtesy of

Few stopped to savour the glorious view spread out before them, or note the delightful sounds of wildlife in the dense vegetation, intent instead on clicking their cameras, thinking only of how they would share some stunning images on social media to impress their friends with.

(278 characters)

cameras poised and eyes peeled
they had no inkling of how their
canoe was sinking, letting in water
enough to pool and wet them well

they were so enchanted by the scenes
before them, and those to come, that they
ignored the feeling of soggy feet until, too
late, it became waist deep at least

(280 characters)

Bearded hipster Harry sat in the back with his face set and grim. He didn’t want to spoil their fun but he knew his situation was getting desperate. As the vessel keeled this way and that as they turned excitedly, he felt his stomach contents protesting with their every movement.

(280 characters)

What helps prompt you to write or helps you to restart after a creative lull? I’d love to hear in the comments below. If you would like to join in you can find Kat’s beautiful blog here and this week’s Twittering Tale prompt here* Enjoy!  🙂

18 thoughts on “prompt: a way of easing back into writing after taking a break

    • I know. With my lousy handwriting I was grateful to discover eraser-end pens to use when journaling, especially as I hate to have defaced (made a mistake) a brand new, pretty notebook! They are also useful when writing occasion cards to send, as I don’t have to rely on getting it all perfect first time. Bless you for being here, Andrew. I always appreciate you stopping by! 😊

  1. Dear Joy,
    Oh what a breath of fresh air your words are here today! I loved the thought that each of your scenarios expressed: that of missing the moment as we try to capture the moment! Oh how wrapped up we can become in seeing things our way. But God has truth all around to reveal to us, when we ask to see from His perspective! Thank you so much for following the Spirit’s nudging from within this photo prompt! Blessings, love and hugs to you my dear friend! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, a few thoughts and new poems presented themselves as possibilities for the first post-Easter entry here, but when I saw the Twittering Tales prompt and had a go at responding to it, I was glad to have a fresh post to share that wasn’t quite as deep as usual. So I am grateful for being “a breath of fresh air” to you today! It’s also good to read your response to the scenarios I wrote. I love how you see life and see it whole. It’s a real gift you have. Blessings, love and hugs to you too, my friend! xoxo 😊💜

  2. I could easily picture myself as being so enchanted with the beauty that I am not aware of the leak in the boat. 🙂 I love soaking in nature scenes. I love photographing them, too. It’s amazing how sometimes I see something in a photo that I missed. Once I missed an unusual bug until I enlarged it on my computer screen. 🙂 But sometimes a person needs to just take time to sit and relax and soak in all the sights and sounds and smells and reflect on the Creator of it all. This prompt sounds like a great way to get those creative juices flowing again, Joy. I hope you are rested up after busyness. Love and hugs to you!

    • Trudy, your words sparked images in my mind and made me smile. Although I haven’t travelled far, or much at all, I can imagine doing so and I know I would react just as you have described! Life fascinates me, the created world especially. And I would want to not miss a thing, yet also love to try to capture a scene via photography as well as drinking it in with my senses. I love your wise words about relaxing and enjoying nature scenes, while reflecting on our Creator-God. Then awe and wonder would naturally give way to praise. Thank you for your kind concern. I am still needing to rest and recover energy and strength after the Easter break. My body always requires far more time for that than I allow it to have! Love and hugs to you, dear friend! xo 😊💜

  3. I have not done Twittering Tales in awhile! I love your stories from this photo prompt. I can just picture each one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these. It’s true that a blank page can be daunting. I find the prompts, whether photo or words, help bring me out of slump. Blessings and love to you, dear Joy! xoxo

    • Me either! It felt good to be able to participate again. Sometimes we need a change from the usual to stir our thoughts in a new direction. Twittering Tales are a poetic challenge but I also love trying my hand at very short story writing! 😊 It’s good to hear you become inspired and reinvigorated creatively in this way too. Blessings, love and hugs to you across the miles, dear Gayl! xoxo 💜

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