blue: a touch of coolness to soothe a heated soul

We’re having a mini heatwave in the UK. A skin-drenching scorcher few of us feel ready for. Because we’ve barely got over having layers of snow and a cool blue feeling in our souls.

We often choose colours that represent certain things to us. Blue is usually considered to be the colour of slowing down, a precursor to experiencing calm, harmony and rest. It’s also associated with stability and depth, piety and sincerity. It’s indicative of loyalty, trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith, and all things sky and heaven related.

On a hot day our skin can protest at sun’s fiery rays, emotions can rise and the change can feel destabilising and unsettling until we get used to it or have been eagerly anticipating its arrival for months.

So I thought I would keep things light today and share a trio of haiku with you to maintain the cool, calm and collected feelings of blue instead of the fiery heat that summer can bring to us. The first image is from a view we had out of the car window while travelling home after spending Christmas with the family.

At rest

a virgin-white field
bereft of footprints—at rest
like a sleeping child

One thing that never goes out of season is gratitude. Those who practice it are often blessed with joy and peace, even in challenging circumstances. Because it lifts our eyes off what might be limiting and confining, expands our hearts to appreciate life’s little things and causes us to be thankful for what we have.

Heart offering

gratitude expressed
a heart offering of love
simple, effective

It wouldn’t really be summer without thinking about cool, clear water, seas and oceans. Sometimes we can savour marine life on our doorstep by visiting a sea life or marine wildlife centre in our locality.


these cavernous depths
where we see fishy delights
bring ocean to life
© joylenton

Whatever your personal preference and whatever the weather is like where you live, I hope you have enjoyed this small pause to savour a tiny of poetry and think longingly of cool blue days or happily anticipate the heat of summer to come.

PS: In case you are curious, here’s a link to the meaning usually attributed to certain colours. 🙂

14 thoughts on “blue: a touch of coolness to soothe a heated soul

  1. Thank you for this pause in my day! It was exactly what I needed in the midst of intensity and a tendency to jump back into worry. These thoughts reflecting the calm depths to which our Lord beckons us, were just what I needed tonight, Dear Friend! Love, Hugs, and Blessings to you across the deep blue sea! 🙂

    • Oh good! I always get nervous when I serve up something different from usual. Your words are a balm for my soul! May you rest in God’s oceanic depths, dear friend. And find within them all the peace and strength you need. Love and hugs! xo 😊💜

    • That’s good, June. I had hoped they would be! Colour meanings are fascinating, tied as they are to experience, preference and emotion. Maybe the natural colours of created things stir different feelings in us than seeing them in articles, works of art or books. Purple is one of my favourite colours and I always seem to feel calm and happy when wearing it! Lavender is traditionally associated with relaxation, isn’t it? I love to use lavender oil and gel at bedtime to help me sleep. May the rest of your weekend be tranquil, my friend! xo 💜

  2. I didn’t realize you were in the UK, Georgia gets so hot, love spring, summer is sweltering. II love your poem, Haiku is fun to try. My blogger friend Gayl Wright dos it, if you want to join her and don’t know already, check out Monday’s LMM link-up.

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