seagulls: seeking to trust in God’s provision for us

Living within driving distance of the sea means that we often have times when there’s an invasion of seagulls inland, especially when it’s inclement weather where they live or they just feel like spreading their wings.

They make a racket as they fly everywhere, hoping we’re going to be as generous providers of sustenance as their seaside audience are. Little do they know that we’re unlikely to be a good source of food for them, unless they scavenge our leavings.

It’s like the seagulls don’t quite trust they’ll be taken care of. Do birds actually forget that God makes sure they are fed? They have no need to fret. And does some of that doubt creep into our own souls as we hunger after things only God can supply?

“And the food became known as “manna” (meaning “What is it?”); it was white, like coriander seed, and flat, and tasted like honey bread.” – Exodus 16:31 TLB

Maybe we just need to remind ourselves of how wonderfully God has provided for us in the past to stir us toward intentional noticing and being thankful for all we receive today.

“He fed you with manna in the wilderness (it was a kind of bread unknown before) so that you would become humble and so that your trust in him would grow, and he could do you good.” – Deuteronomy 8:16 TLB


Are we seagull-minded, screeching and squawking over
one small crust of bread, as though that was all we had
and we’re worried we won’t be fed?

Do we not remember how God provided daily manna
in the wilderness, and how he never leaves his children
wanting, weary or downcast?

Have we forgotten how he lifts the weary and seeks out
the lost, giving us his strength and help when we are weak
and mending our broken hearts?

Are our minds dulled and negligent in considering God’s
magnificent provision for everything, and just how much
we need his presence and his touch?

Maybe we require a shift in our thinking so we don’t sink
into discouragement but are instead encouraged by his
word, and thankful our prayers are heard

Then our souls would veer into an attitude of gratitude
that lifts and sustains us, and treasure each slide into
deeper dependence and trust
© joylenton

“Jesus replied, ‘I am the Bread of Life. No one coming to me will ever be hungry again. Those believing in me will never thirst.'” – John 6:35 TLB

11 thoughts on “seagulls: seeking to trust in God’s provision for us

  1. Dear Joy,
    Thank you for this beautiful post, again so timely for me. I love the translation of this verse: “so that you would become humble and so that your trust in him would grow, and he could do you good.” It’s such a beautiful transition in thought that we often don’t look for. To be humbled so that we would trust and He could do us good–wow. I often think of being humbled as a bad thing in my own mind, but again, God’s ways are so different than ours. In the humility there is His blessing! And oh to keep those ending phrases from your poem in my heart then:
    “treasure each slide into
    deeper dependence and trust”
    This was just what I needed today. Thank you for sharing from God’s heart! Love, Hugs and Blessings to you my friend! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, oh how I love and feel awed by the way God inspires what we write and orchestrates when we share it so that those who read our words can be blessed and encouraged! It’s good to read familiar Bible verses in a different translation than usual, because it seems to make the words hit home with fresh impact to our souls. You have spoken to me too with: “In the humility there is His blessing!” It is rather hard for us to grasp that the way up is down and humility paves the way for being raised at a future date. And honestly, I’m still learning how to “treasure each slide into independence and trust” because it always costs us something to surrender. But when we do, we eventually see the beauty in it as an act of faith God always answers with His grace. I’m so pleased and thankful to have had an offering you needed today, my friend! Blessings, love and hugs to you too! xoxo 💜

    • Somerset is lovely. We had our honeymoon there many years ago! Sadly, I haven’t been well enough to travel to the sea or walk on a beach for several years, but I do have fond memories of doing so before I succumbed to M.E and chronic illness. We’re not too far from the Norfolk Broads and the North Sea. It’s not terribly inviting to look at as it’s muddy coloured! Yet the scent and sights linger in my mind, especially from childhood, and my heart finds it restful to be by the riverside at least, even if I can’t often make it to the sea. 😊💜

      • I grew up in Atlanta, I live about 40 miles from there, We have hard, red, clay and it gets hot, Hard to have flowers. You have to go to Savannah to the beach, I haven’t been in a long while either. I understand illness, dealt with it myself, keeping you in prayer, I have often felt His healing touch, love and blessings.

      • I’m really sorry to hear you’ve also been battling with illness that lingers and makes everyday activities difficult, never mind when we try to extend ourselves to do more. Thank you so much for your prayers! I will add you to mine. Would you mind sharing your name with me? I seem to have missed it when on your site. God has been merciful and gracious to me and I can also attest to receiving His healing touch in mind and body over the years. Blessings, love and hugs to you, my friend. 💜

      • Thanks, Becky! Writing and prayer is a wonderful ministry to have. May God fully enable, equip and bless you greatly in your work for Him. 😊💜

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