words: how faith, listening and receptivity help birth a fresh creative flow

words, faith , listening and creativity

Words are intransigent at times. They reveal a resistance to being marshalled onto the page with military precision. Instead they resemble watchful dancers, waiting in the wings, ready to leap upon the stage when they sense the timing is right for them,  and hopefully alighting with style, beauty and grace. Maybe you can relate?

That’s how it can seem when the creative well runs dry and the easy flow we’ve been accustomed to becomes a mere trickle. Try as we might, words refuse to cooperate, leaving us hungry for their return. Resting ourselves and our words seems wise. Then we grow into their future potential, as well as ours.

As a poet I am used to the way words speak to me, hum with a greater resonance, sing out their potential, ask to be paid attention to, seek to be picked, sifted and joined together while they dictate the metre, method, rhyme, rhythm and flow.

Listening and receptivity are key. I am hugely dependent on receiving inspiration from Holy Spirit. My inner ears need to be attuned to His leading and guiding, those soft soul whispers He brings.

I want my words to be few where an excess might be harmful. I want my words to be seasoned with salt, leavened with grace and full of God’s mercy and love. I want them to matter but not be so measured as to lose their vitality.

As a work in progress I fall far short of these lofty goals, of course. The good news is that God doesn’t give up on us. He is able to help us tame our tongues and frame our speech, written or verbal, in the light of His word.

“Jesus, today I give you my words. Would you remind me to be slow to speak, quick to listen? I want my speech to make you smile, build others up, and open doors to your love.” ~ ‘Jesus Every Day: A Journey Through the Bible in One Year’ by Mary DeMuth

Rusty as I am, I’m stepping back into these pages with courage and faith only God can supply. And with hope burning strong that the journey I am on will scatter a few seeds of hope in your soul as well.

Beginning again

my fingers are poised
I’m getting ready to write
as an act of faith
because the well has run dry
it requires priming again

my heart is racing
with hot adrenaline shots
it’s so hard to start
there is too much at stake
after such a long delay

my brain is stalling
tricky to get it going
levers are rusty
they don’t grind so easily
cogs are clogging up – they freeze

how to begin
how to brave the virgin page
how to continue
those are the problems I face
they’re stopping me in my tracks

I must simply start
there is no turning back
listen to my heart
wait for inspiration from God
it requires courage and trust
© joylenton


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14 thoughts on “words: how faith, listening and receptivity help birth a fresh creative flow

  1. Dear Joy,
    Oh once again you’ve captured my feelings so well! This:

    “my brain is stalling
    tricky to get it going
    levers are rusty
    they don’t grind so easily
    cogs are clogging up – they freeze”

    I have been in this very place so often lately. It feels as if all of my thinking might stay in that frozen place for days unending! But God is so good, to stir in our hearts, and bring sweet words to the surface, isn’t He? It is HIS Word first of all that touches us; He knows how to melt those frozen places within us. Thank you so much for this sweet encouragement and conviction too. Stepping forward with Him makes all the difference. It’s so good to see you back here again, my friend! Blessings, love and hugs to you! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, rustiness can affect our thinking in more ways than one. But it’s the fatigue, persistent brain fog and lack of clarity of expression they cause which can trip us up as writers. Praise God for pouring out His words into our heart and mind! It’s so true that “stepping forward with Him makes all the difference.” Thank you so much for your insight and input here. It’s good to be back to this writing space but even better to be engaging again with my readers and friends! Love and hugs! xo 😊💜

  2. “I must simply start
    there is no turning back…”
    Joy, we wrote long similar lines today. I just had no words at first for my post but I showed up anyway and God guided me. I love your poem and I’m glad to see you are back creating words to bless and refresh us. Blessings, love and hugs to you! xo

    • Dear Gayl, how intriguing that we have written along similar lines! I’m so pleased you showed up and God gave you words to share. It’s lovely when our faith gets rewarded in that way. Thank you for the warm welcome back to blogging. I am slowly getting into the swing of things but still need to be careful not to overdo it online. I look forward to catching up with your post tomorrow. Blessings, love and hugs to you too, my friend! xo 😊💜

    • Dear Michael, what a pleasure it is to see your smiling face here again! And how kind and generous of you to respond as you have. Thank you, Brother. You have given me just the encouragement I need to resettle into this place and share my God-given words. 😉💜

  3. Hi Joy, I love His inspiration, and am blessed to have it to share most of the time, but that brain fog builds up from the cares of the world, and sometimes I think it is just being picked by the enemy and other people. What a blessing to hear His whispers, His peace.

    • Hi Rebecca, it’s a pleasure to see you here, my friend! I think brain fog hits most of us when we’re particularly fatigued and overburdened. But it’s also a cardinal and constant symptom of M.E and chronic fatigue syndrome. I find I barely come alive in my mind until lunchtime and only have a small window of time when I function reasonably normally. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Though, thankfully, God’s whispers still penetrate, sensed in our spirit as well as in our head. It is such a blessing to receive His peace while we wrestle with worldly cares and concerns. I hope and pray you are keeping as well as possible. Blessings and love. xo 💜

      • Indeed it is. And those thoughts hold us secure during our darkest days. We have variations in how we feel and sometimes the symptoms lessen enough for us to notice and rejoice. Though God is always teaching us to praise Him in the hard and the dark, praise Him when the light seems dim and hope fades, and praise Him always, no matter what. 🙂 ❤

  4. So thankful to see you in my inbox, sweet friend. Your words always inspire! I pray you’ve had a restful break and that God will give you ears to hear the words He wishes you to share. Blessings on your Sabbath, Joy!

    • Hello June, your words and presence here always bring me joy! My break hasn’t been quite as restful as I hoped and planned, so I am taking things slowly, easing myself gently back to blogging and online activity. I’m still unable to do much and I am in need of lots of rest. But the good news is that I have been writing a fair amount of poetry over the last few weeks, which seems to be shaping itself into a new book. I hope to publish something in the near future or before the end of the year, God (and health) willing! Sorry I’m a bit late in picking this up. I hope you are keeping well and that your Sabbath has been restful. 💜

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