build: having a strong foundation and fortification of faith

build - having a strong foundation and fortification of faith (C)joylenton

Maybe it’s not too surprising to be wistfully thinking of summer when a wintry wind is howling outside your window and rain sweeps like stiff  brushstrokes against the pane. Or to be caught up in savouring sunny memories at a stage in life when they feel far more precious than before.

God has a wonderful way of infiltrating the harsh, wintry aspects of our days with the summer-bright laser beam of His light and love, His goodness and grace. Then the bleak emptiness, weariness, weakness or pain we might be experiencing seem to lessen a little, as we absorb the warmth of God’s presence in our hearts.

It begins to thaw our cold souls and infuse hope into our hurting places. Because there is always opportunity to start again, to rebuild, at least in how we might perceive our situations. We can build a new foundation any time we need to, aided by God’s mercy and grace, and with His help and equipping.

I was musing on a memory when I wrote the poem below a few months ago. It probably took longer than five minutes to write, but I am sharing it today like a “here’s one I made earlier” kind of offering, because it fits pretty well with this week’s five-minute-friday prompt. And it’s all my tired mind can currently conjure up! 😉


I sit, surrounded by mounds
of sand, clumped yet dry as a bone,
sieving it between my fingers like an
hourglass filling up,

little knowing how swiftly years
would pass, how soon this tanned,
tender, smooth-skinned toddler

eating sand sandwiches would grow
up, become a hirsute man, with voice
gruffly smooth and deep, like gravel
being gently washed by sea.

My small son wears sunscreen, sunhat
and a nappy, protected by pants,
plus a cautious, bemused

expression on his face, as though he
can recall being a few months old,
new to beach and sea, fearing rollicking
waves would sweep him away,

just as they do to the crumbly castles
he builds with help, joy and pride,
which don’t stand a chance against
pulsating power of tides.

I smile at his mild discomfiture, as it’s
always valuable to learn these lessons
young, to grasp how easily

life can change, and how the things we
seek to build our lives upon must have
a strong, secure foundation

to uphold us in future days, in harder
times when problems arise or walls come
tumbling down, and we are required
to be safe and fortified.
© joylenton

build - building a new foundation with God quote (C)joylenton

There’s nothing quite like a supportive writing community to build us up with encouragement and give us the courage and confidence to share our words. Such as the fabulous five-minute-friday crew gathering at Kate Motaung’s site. This week’s prompt is “build”. You are welcome to join us here and read the great variety of posts being shared.  🙂

22 thoughts on “build: having a strong foundation and fortification of faith

  1. Even on our darkest days God’s love and light are always there. It is a blessing we should never take for granted.
    Yes the blogging community is a wonderful place of creativity and support. Perhaps, the positive vibes of this community can one day spill onto the rest of this world.

    May God bless you always, Joy.

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Joy! I’m glad you shared it with us. Discovering the futility of so much of our building and our need of a firm foundation are valuable lessons to learn at an early age.

    • Tara, I’m aware that our part of the UK is currently getting off lightly as far as extreme winter weather is concerned. Don’t we all yearn for spring? I do. Hold onto your hope, my friend, because it will be rewarded in due time. xo 💜

  3. Beautiful! You whisked me away to the seashore to gaze upon your little one and remember my little ones at the beach. Truly life is much more fragile than we could ever know. We like to keep that thought at bay. The lesson of the sandcastles is a good one. Sweet memories, heartfelt reminders. God is our only sure thing. Thank you for sharing your lovely work and lovely heart!

    • Oh, Melissa, those days of caring for our children when they are tiny can seem endless and tough, yet they pass so swiftly, don’t they? Life is far more fragile and precious than we usually realise. Sometimes it takes a stir of memory to help us appreciate how marvellous it really was then and how we need to savour each day we have now. Yes, “God is our only sure thing” in a world wreathed in uncertainties and pain. He shows us how to lift our eyes above it all and notice His loving hand at work in everything. Thank you so much for your kind encouragement! Blessings and love. xo 💜

    • Thank you, Michael! How kind of you to share this post with your readers. Time seems to pass faster by the year, doesn’t it? Or is that just me?! I seem to achieve so little but spend a lot of time resting and recovering after any exertion. May God grant us an eternal perspective when we lose sight of what really matters to Him. Have a blessed Sabbath, dear friend. 💜❤

  4. How beautiful, Joy! We buried a dear friend’s Mother yesterday and as I led the service I couldn’t help but remember my Mom’s death fourteen months ago and Denise’s Mom’s death eleven months ago… how quickly time passes…

    • Michael, I am liking the way you have responded to my words, but I am saddened by the fact of your painful memories of loss being stirred. It’s like a wound reopening when that happens. But the painful sting does recede a little over time. It must be harder for you than most because of the closeness of their passing. And your role in supporting the grieving brings you into closer and more frequent intimacy with such suffering and loss. May God grant you His peace and hope for the days ahead. 💜

  5. Dear Joy,
    Oh, you’ve brought the tears to my eyes tonight, reading along with your memories, and having my own stirred up. How quickly those young toddlers do turn into grown up men, taller than we are. Oh how thankful I am that God’s foundation is so secure for us. I loved the song that you shared too. What a precious place to build our prayers upon–faith in Him. Thank you Dear Friend for these sweet encouragements here. Blessings, love, and hugs to you! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, reminiscing is rewarding and raw sometimes, because we feel sad at the way time flies. At least we get to relive those experiences a little through our grandsons! But the memories can fill us with nostalgia, bring us to tears and cause an ache to have those days back again. I am thankful too for the strong, secure foundation we have in God. It’s good to root our souls in His light and love, His ways and wonderful promises. Hope and faith are like anchors for our unsteady hearts and the incentive for our prayers. I’m so pleased you were encouraged here, because I always feel the same when I read your words. Blessings, love and hugs to you too! xoxo 💜

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