touch: seeking to pay attention to God’s touch on our lives

hand touching a wheat field - touch -

Each day we receive a touch from heaven above and intimations of God’s love. We discover shades of glory and grace pervading the everyday. We are wrapped in holy wonder as we live and move and have our being. And yet we might fail to notice it because we get too caught up in our difficulties and the daily minutiae.

Why don’t you take a few moments now to pause and be still? Let your soul breathe. Open your eyes to the wonder already hiding in plain sight. It is revealed in seemingly ordinary things that take on a holy significance as we focus and give thanks for them.

The relationships we have with the people in our lives can add a special touch and opportunity for joy. And physical touch itself is something we all need to some extent or other, especially from those we love.

It may come as an arm around your shoulder to say sorry or gently ask how you are. The hand stroking yours that gives comfort and reassurance. Fingers lightly brushing your cheek or lips joining together. The hugs that speak volumes. They are all markers of grace and moments of wonder in their own right.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ― Leo F. Buscaglia

In the poem below I am sharing thoughts from my memories and history, about the first date I had with my husband. It’s a tanka sequence poem that speaks about the power of touch to a human soul and what a difference it makes to know we are loved.

“Touch has a memory.” ― John Keats

silvery moon - touch - benediction poem image


moonlight strokes lightly over glass
like an artist
painting her joy with colours
music of the mind and heart

I receive it
my soul is hungry for light
I feel it
marking me inwardly
a soul lover’s caress

this glow
emanating from night’s depths
touches me
more than a mere glimpse reveals
it causes an awakening

thoughts stir
memories of past years
when I took
a moonlight walk with my beloved
sauntering by the riverside

water lapped
licking at roots of weeping willow
bowed low
like the shy maiden I was
barely lifting her head up

boats chugged
drifting with winter tides
our love
was but a new, tender shoot
fragile and easily bruised

I hesitated
uncertain about his feelings then
we held hands
warmth infused my cold fingers
it was enough to sustain us

we smiled
grateful for each slow touch
it ignited
hope, with sparks of wonder, trust
this fledgling love would grow and last

and now
I look outside my window
watch the moon
still shining on our small world
slivers of silver unfurled

I smile
no hesitation in my mind
this life
full of holy benediction
will always be his and mine
© joylenton

silvery moon - trees - touch - benediction poem excerpt (C) joylenton

It feels good to be back here again after my break! 🙂 Though it took me more than five minutes to write, I am linking my poem with the fabulous five-minute-friday crew who are sharing their thoughts on this week’s prompt of “touch.” Now let us praise the One who touches us with His glory and grace and gives us the power to love and touch other lives for good.

10 thoughts on “touch: seeking to pay attention to God’s touch on our lives

  1. Oh Joy, I have so missed your words of beauty! What a precious surprise to read your words today, when God touched my own life so specifically thru the care of a kind lab technician! The touch of God’s love lingers over our hearts, and that lifetime love is a blessing so great!! Welcome back Dear Friend! Hugs and love from across the pond! Xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, I have missed being here and interacting with you too! It’s been a busy few weeks but very quiet on the social media front. Your presence and your words have been sorely missed. I’m encouraged to hear about God touching your life in specific ways just when it mattered. Kind medical staff make a hospital feel less cold and clinical. May God’s love linger over your heart in ways you cannot miss, and bring a greater measure of healing to your body. His touch is so precious, isn’t it? And how we need it when we are weary and depleted. Hugs and love across the pond to you too, sweet friend! xoxo 😊💜

    • Thanks, Tara, I’m so glad you like it! My husband is keen on it too. I don’t often share my words with him but I do value his opinion now and then, especially when the poem is about our relationship! xo 😊💜

    • Thanks, Michael! It’s good to be back in my online home. Although I have been busy elsewhere over Easter, I kept my creative thoughts tuned by writing a poem (or more, sometimes) a day during Lent. It was an act of faith and obedience but I really enjoyed doing it as well. Food for a future book, perhaps?! 💜❤

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