slow: heart work that reaps benefits

“As I live and move and have my being today, show me where you are. Keep my ears attuned toward your voice. Open my eyes to your activity in my life. Help me slow down enough to experience you in the mundane.” — Jesus Every Day: A Journey Through the Bible in One Year by Mary DeMuth

Heart work

Discipline of the heart
sounds like it could be harsh,
but what if it involves a slower pace
and heightened awareness?

Could you and I learn
to discern when it pays us
to cease from our activity,
to be still and quiet, at peace?

Might a letting go of busyness
be a hidden blessing for us,
and just what the doctor
ordered for our harassed hearts?

I believe it is definitely
a great soul benefit
to release our pain, our hurts,
and to freely cast our cares.

We can pause at intervals
throughout the day,
microseconds maybe
where we stop and pray.

It could become second
nature to us as we reap
soul rest and peace, coupled with
the rewards of receiving grace.

We might discover we are also
less inclined to stress about this
and that, if we desist and find
we become more centred and calm.

It would deepen and strengthen
our relationship with God, and with
one another, as we learnt how to
honour the hours and sense his love.
© joylenton

“My strength comes in quietness, in those unseen places where I refuel with you…. In my weariness, thank you for showing me again that every other avenue of help is lifeless. Only you bring genuine rest and life.” – Jesus Every Day: A Journey Through the Bible in One Year by Mary DeMuth

slow - swans on a lake at sunset - heart work poem excerpt (C) joylenton

PS: if you’d like to know more about the spiritually mindful practice of slowing down, this post might help. 🙂

6 thoughts on “slow: heart work that reaps benefits

  1. Such a beautiful poem here, today, Dear Joy! This stanza especially is ringing so true with me:

    Discipline of the heart
    sounds like it could be harsh,
    but what if it involves a slower pace
    and heightened awareness?

    It’s so easy to hold onto that connotation of discipline being something bad. But your words confirm what He is continuing to take deeper into my heart–the discipline is really the BEST thing for us, from His heart to us. And this slower pace, then, that at times feels like something bad, is really the best thing for me as I cling to Him here. Thank you so much for your open heart, my friend. You continue to bring such blessings to me through your words. Love and hugs and blessings to you across the pond. xoxo

    • Bettie, I’m grateful for how God opens our eyes to a different way of understanding things. And I’m so thankful to have been a means of blessing you today! I’ve balked at the thought of discipline from God, but when I see it’s all about a process of renewal, restoration and positive change, as He develops greater Christ-likeness in us, then we needn’t fear it like we sometimes do. Our slower paced lives are actually a blessing in disguise because we get to witness, and wonder at, God’s daily graces in our struggles. And we can experience the inestimable value of depending on Him. Love, hugs and blessings to you too, dear friend! xoxo 💜

  2. Joy, just reading your poem and looking at the photo has such a calming effect. Thank you for sharing your heart and encouraging me to slow down, to pray, to remember God is with me all the time. Blessings and love to you, dear sister! xoxo

    • Oh good! I’m so happy to hear that, Gayl. Calm can often go missing if we neglect to slow down, breathe and pray. And I definitely need frequent reminders of those things myself. Blessings and love to you too, dear sister and friend! xoxo 💜

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