Poetry for the soul

Many writers/bloggers are joining in with a 31 day writing focus over the month of October inspired by the Nester.

Though I am coming in to this a bit late, my aim is to present a daily poetic piece for you to enjoy here over the next 31 days.

And what could be more appropriate than commencing this on National Poetry Day?

However, as an M.E and chronic illness sufferer, it is a huge undertaking for me.

And I may have days where I fail to accomplish this goal. I hope you will grant me grace in those times.

I aim to showcase mostly unseen work, but to make it easier on myself this venture will also include those of the ‘here’s one I made earlier’ variety too.

Output will vary. Some will be a mix of tiny snippets, haiku or micro-poetry. Others will be longer stand-alone poems and some will be incorporated into blog posts and reflections.

Knowing my physical fragility, low energy and other commitments, I would really value your prayers and support to keep going with this enterprise!

Each poetic offering will be a part of the emphasis here on love, loss, life and faith.

My hope is that you will join me for this regular slot as I really welcome your feedback on what you like and why.

Now on to the first poem:


We are strangers

floating on our islands

of indifference

casting watery glances

at the ebbing tides

of our native shore

life’s waters discharging

sickness, sin, and endless despair

throwing in poisoned bait

and receiving likewise

who will heed the cry

of the gentle Fisherman

saying, cast your nets

into My life-blood

and I will be an Anchor

for your souls?