Poetry for the soul

Many writers/bloggers are joining in with a 31 day writing focus over the month of October inspired by the Nester.

Though I am coming in to this a bit late, my aim is to present a daily poetic piece for you to enjoy here over the next 31 days.

And what could be more appropriate than commencing this on National Poetry Day?

However, as an M.E and chronic illness sufferer, it is a huge undertaking for me.

And I may have days where I fail to accomplish this goal. I hope you will grant me grace in those times.

I aim to showcase mostly unseen work, but to make it easier on myself this venture will also include those of the ‘here’s one I made earlier’ variety too.

Output will vary. Some will be a mix of tiny snippets, haiku or micro-poetry. Others will be longer stand-alone poems and some will be incorporated into blog posts and reflections.

Knowing my physical fragility, low energy and other commitments, I would really value your prayers and support to keep going with this enterprise!

Each poetic offering will be a part of the emphasis here on love, loss, life and faith.

My hope is that you will join me for this regular slot as I really welcome your feedback on what you like and why.

Now on to the first poem:


We are strangers

floating on our islands

of indifference

casting watery glances

at the ebbing tides

of our native shore

life’s waters discharging

sickness, sin, and endless despair

throwing in poisoned bait

and receiving likewise

who will heed the cry

of the gentle Fisherman

saying, cast your nets

into My life-blood

and I will be an Anchor

for your souls?


16 thoughts on “Poetry for the soul

  1. Dear sweet Joy
    Oh, and that Fisherman’s bait is nothing less than Himself. What an incredibly sensitive poem. Will pray, dear friend. Thanks for blessing us with this beauty.
    Much love XX

    • Yes, you have caught the meaning well, my friend. Jesus offers us such riches yet we so often prefer to sink our line and hopes into murkier and more familiar waters. Thank you so much for your appreciation and prayers. Both gratefully received! Blessings and love Xx

    • Thanks very much for taking the time and trouble to stop by and leave a comment. I really appreciate it, Debby, especially as you are relapsing right now. I’m always happy to see you, but do rest up as much as you need to. There is never any obligation to comment. Blessings and prayers for strength and healing to you, my friend.

  2. The greater our focus on self, the greater our sense of isolation and dissatisfaction. To focus on Jesus is to share HIS focus, which is not on self, but others. And the more we focus on others, the smaller the separation between our little island and every other island, as our sense of isolation diminishes, and our joy and sense of receiving love grows. You have put it so beautifully here, and it is so doctrinally sound. Jesus really is our anchor for.the soul, and makes all other things fall into their rightful place. Good work!

    • Neil, you encapusulate the importance of givng Jesus our focus brilliantly with your insightful comment here. I love the way you draw out this lesson too – “the more we focus on others, the smaller the separation between our little island and evey other island, as our sense of isolation diminishes, and our joy and sense of receiving love grows” – so true, my friend. Thank you!

  3. I will certain be calling by to bring encouragement too. I was completely amazing at how you put this piece together so well and came up with an extremely interesting result !
    we are not mean to be an island on our own we are to be hooked up with the one who is the anchor of our soul , namely Jesus. well done Joy that you would venture to begin this time of writing . I look forward to seeing how you get on, as well as reading too. God bless you.

    • Thank you, Maxine! I really appreciate your support and encouragement. Yes, we are not intended to live solitary lives but to “be hooked up with the one who is the anchor of our souls” as you so rightly say. And by resting fully in Him we come alive to all that God intends for us. Blessings. X

    • Thanks, Mandy! Your beautiful prayer is greatly appreciated, my friend. I think Jesus has a lovely way of revealing Himself through our hands as we allow Him access. The more we soak in His presence, the more His beauty will shine forth in our lives; and it’s a marvellous way of drawing others to Him, isn’t it?

  4. The breakers ~ Storms of Life beat against our souls trying to dislodge our FAITH…. Joy, this poem speaks volumes to me, keeping my eyes on Jesus, His word. I have cast my net in the wrong waters so many times, hauling in bitterness. Then I have to ride out the waves once again 🙂 So thankful for His “Life blood” and the anchor that keeps the soul! beautifully written!

    • Thank you, Kathy, for this lovely poetic reply! Those “Storms of life beat against our souls trying to dislodge our faith” all too often. Though they may prevail for a time, they cannot withstand the calm and peace which Jesus, our Anchor, brings to them. I’ve dwelt in poisonous seas too and know how deadly they can be. Praise God for His waters of grace to still and refresh our souls!

    • Thank you, Anita! I’m so glad God has equipped me with words to help and bless others with in their journey of life and faith. A gift unshared or kept hidden cannot reach or bless another’s life. We are stewards who so often need courage to open up and share the talents and gifts God has graced us with for the benefit of others.

    • There is something large, mysterious and deep about the sea that invites speculation about the vastness of God’s majesty. We can also sense His creative power at work sustaining the turns and tides of our existence. Thank you, Helen, for giving me further food for poetic thought!

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