In the hands of an expert potter, clay is something altogether marvellous in the way it can be transformed into objects of beauty.

If we dig our boots or hands deep into clay we get soiled with mire clinging fast to clothes and skin. Unlovely. Hard to shake off. Needing a good scrub.

Our natural clay selves cannot be easily washed clean either.

While we live, breathe and have our being in God, we also remain rooted in earth, dwellers in soil and dirt.

Our fallen earthly nature clings tenaciously to frames bent low by burdens we were never built to carry as knees buckle under the weight of them.


We are indigenous

earth dwellers

rooted long

in soil

hard graft

sweat of brow

aching muscle

tillers of ground

planting seeds

of life

and hope

in dark places

with expectation

one day

we will see

some fruit

in harvest

to come


God remembers that we are dust.

And it’s His Holy whispered breath that enlivens, connects sinews to joints and muscles together as a body to receive His glorious presence.

Surrendering to His promise, we are raised anew with strength, and vigour, lifted out of any pit we may have fallen into, out of the mud and mire. Shaken down, dust-free and cleaned again, with feet set firmly on the Rock.

Dried in the refining fire of God’s Love, purified in the furnace of affliction where scorching flames burn off any dross or detritus gathered from soil-dwelling.

Emerging from its fiery heat bleached clean, fragile pure, awaiting the Potter’s hand to reshape and refashion these earthen vessels into containers fit for His Light to filter through.

Our many cracks, flaws and holes are no impediment.  The leaky spaces and places only allow His Light to shine through all the brighter.

And as we dig deep into the fertile soil of His word, its rich nutrients are a holding place for dormant seed to grow, bursting forth with an abundant harvest at just the right time.


Dear Father,

Our earthly nature clings to us like resistant soil. We need to come to You for cleansing and purifying. You are the Potter, we are the clay. Help us to be willing to let You have Your way and not resist Your loving hand upon our lives. And even when we may protest at the way it make us feel when You are stretching  and calling us to come up higher, enable us to surrender to Your will and ways.

May we have a growing awareness that full, lasting change and transformation cannot come about, nor fruit be evident in our lives, unless we are renewed, remade, restored and refashioned as You see fit, into the image of Your Beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Linking here with Nacole for #concretewords., where we write out spirit from a one word concrete prompt. This week’s prompt was:‘Soil’. You are very welcome and warmly invited to join in.

** Day 2  of the 31 day challenge to write #poetryforthesoul

6 thoughts on “Indigenous

  1. Lovely. It’s a powerful image that a pot has to be broken for the light to shine through it…
    The Potter makes something beautiful from the dirt. Amazing stuff.
    Thankyou, Joy.

    • Thanks, Helen! Yes, it is amazing how God works through the raw materials we present Him with and “makes something beautiful from the dirt”. As flawed, cracked pots we feel so inadequate, yet His light shines all the brighter through our imperfections.

  2. Another lovely post, Joy. My brother is a potter and I’ve watched him work with clay many times – molding it, shaping it, trimming away the rough edges. All is necessary to form a beautiful work of art. The molding and shaping the Father does to us sometimes hurts, but it too is necessary that we may be conformed to His image.


    • What a privilege to see your brother being so creative in this way, Joan. It is wonderful to watch a potter at work! A glorious reminder of God’s craftmanship in creating us to “form a beautiful work of art”, even if we resist or find it painful at times. Though it is necessary, as you say, “that we may be comformed to His image”. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m pleased you enjoyed the post! Blessings.

  3. Dear Joy
    Oh, that we would always willingly yield to the hand of our Potter, drawing ever closer to Him the more He forms a vessel of honor from the lump of clay we once have been without Him!
    Blessings XX

    • Dear Mia, you have touched on such an important point here. We are not always willing to “yield to the hand of our Potter” even as He is shaping us to be a “vessel of honour from the lump of clay we once have been without Him”. So true. Though our co-operation is an essential part of the changing process. Thank you so much for using some of your precious time and energy to read and comment here while you are relapsing. I really appreciate it! Blessings xx

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