transcendence: getting to know God for ourselves #thedailyhaiku 14


Transcendence is one of the characteristics of God. He transcends time, the universe itself, all human knowledge, experience and ability. God is beyond our comprehension yet He has comprehensively made Himself known in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.

God’s presence is sensed rather than seen, felt deep in our hearts, perceived and accepted by faith, though some receive a tangible sign of Him being with them. God’s transcendence isn’t a barrier to being in relationship with Him.

We can take comfort in God’s faithfulness and His existing forever (eternal), living forever (immortal), all knowing (omniscient), present in all places at all times (omnipresent) and all powerful (omnipotent) nature, because we can totally trust and depend on Him.

What our eyes or minds cannot see or sense paves the way for Holy Mystery, for faith and trust, for awakening an inner knowing beyond the ordinary, even as God makes Himself known to us in the everyday experiences of our lives.

It’s often by receiving unexpected peace in our hearts, especially when we are going through trials and tribulations, that God’s constant nearness to us is made known. He is the Prince of Peace who gives rest to our restless souls, as we pray and spend time in His presence.

Our limitations no longer trouble us so much when we depend more on God’s resources than our own, bringing His unlimited help, grace and support to aid us in our time of need.


luminous presence

transcends my limitations

with deep touch of peace


What we can sense and experience  is the life transforming power of God’s love for us when we open ourselves to Him, as described in the video below…


life: life as wild-fire dance and sacred sky embrace


How to describe life in all its fullness? There is too much to easily encompass in a snappy line or two, such is the breadth and depth of human existence. Though Scripture reminds us that our lives here are short, but a breath, mist in the ether, dissipating vapour disappearing fast like sand in an hourglass.

And though we are all destined for dusty death, during our earthy, clay-cracked days we can become enlivened on the inside by God’s amazing grace. Then we begin to discover there is so much more to this life than we ever knew before.

In the magnetic poetry below, I am seeing life as fresh, green, joyful, ultimately transitory but full of bright potential, especially when our hearts have been warmed by the love of God. We each leave a legacy, a mark on the world, an ache in another’s heart. Even if family didn’t welcome our arrival, our existence counts for something, part of an eternal plan before we ever began.

We are here to know and love God, find fulfilment in His will for us and seek our best joy in being united with Him. We are here to love and support one another, become soul companions on the journey we are all making toward wholeness and healing.

Life’s like…

Life’s like a shady green stone which murmurs

Listen to it falling, blanketed soft by earth

A soul must feel wild sun-love, thrive and breathe,

grow light, dawn-bright—but soon become moss-cold

as sweet river harmony gives long rest stroll



A sacred sky embrace

I wake to the joy of a wild-fire dance,

devour warm rhythm of flowers on grass,

picture an eternity with God-breathed poetry

surrounding me like a sacred sky embrace

and words melting in cloud-kissed breeze



There is a dark shadow hanging over all our days, and a bright white Light guiding us Home to our heavenly Father’s throne. We can look forward to a time when sorrow, sickness and pain are but a distant memory, tears will spring from a joyful, thankful heart and our problems are in the past.

We will sing, laugh, dance, and live more exuberantly than ever before when we’re finally experiencing the fullness of the Kingdom of God, where we were always meant to belong. It is where the poetic promises of Scripture will be lived out to the full, and what gives us Hope in the here and now, while we struggle and suffer under life’s dark clouds.

How do you view your life here? What gives you hope for the future? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  🙂