The story starts with a seed

from a seed - PJ

In Advent we look forward with anticipation to an event of great magnitude.

Remembrance and celebration of Jesus coming to earth for us.

Entering our fallen humanity with the purpose of being the only acceptable, possible sinless sacrifice for our sin.

Beginning in a humble place, with a message of universal hope and grace.

And like all historic occasions, as we look back we can see the seeds of it happening, the roots of origin revealed.

In the poem below I am trying to capture an essence of the foundations for God’s plan of salvation.

Because marvelling at Jesus coming to earth doesn’t stop (or start) with the babe in the manger.

It transcends time itself as part of God’s foreknowledge before we ever knew of it.

All stories start with a seed, a germ of an idea, a creative spirit.

This is the greatest story ever told. One we repeat with awe. God incarnate, come as one of us.

The story starts with a seed…

From a seed

dark seeds

Eve was deceived and

sowed a seed of destruction

leading to mankind’s expulsion

from heavenly joy into a darker

employ of labour and toil

fear, pain, guilt and shame

Yet hidden within her

human skin lay a dormant

seed-carrier capacity

a foretaste of the future

when sin’s enormity

would require a Saviour

And Mary became Seed-bearer

for the human race

to be redeemed by love

and set free by grace

by the birth of God on earth

constrained into a human frame

Her child – Jesus, our Messiah

Saviour, Servant-King and Lord

to whom we bring faith-seed offering

of a heart willing to believe

a mind receptive to receive

a spirit to praise and to adore


I’m sharing my chosen five-minute-friday word ‘seed’ and the poem that came from it with fellow word-wrangling wordsmith friends at Kate Motaung’s site, with Mel at essentialfridays and with Barbie for Weekend Whispers. You are very welcome to join us or to stop by and be blessed by reading the posts we share.

Mary as Seed bearer - PJ

Surrender to Sabbath

Joy ~ at Ditchingham


How do you further rest

a body constrained, confined?

How can I still continual thoughts

racing through a brain-fogged mind?

My life lived slow as slow can be

due to chronic illness and M.E

It’s work sometimes to rise from bed

converse, listen to words being said

Yet I know space must be found

a clearing, sacred holy ground

Time as sacrificial offering

willingly yielded up to Him

A stilling of body, mind and soul

where brokenness can be made whole

Bringing the shards of a fractured life

laying down anxiety, worry and strife

So here I am, Lord, on this day

to freely give myself away

knowing You see my open heart

and lovingly care for every part

Desiring to enter a Sabbath rest

and live my life as You see best

I’m eager to listen and to hear

Lord, won’t You please draw near?


Grateful for words flowing today after a break where health has been more challenging than usual.

Linking with Jennifer Dukes Lee at The High Calling to share Sabbath stories. You are warmly invited to join in.

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It is Remembrance Day today and our thoughts stray toward those who gave of themselves to secure our freedom and peace.

In the remembering there is nostalgia, recognition of pain and loss, and reminder of hope for the future.


Fields of death blush poppy-red with blood-soaked

reminders of another poured out offering

sacrificial stained scarlet thread and flood

of grace upon the cross as Jesus took upon

Himself our sorrow, sin and shame

overcoming the curse of death

securing victory in His Name

Fields of toil trampled as mud ditches, slurry

to soil a soul, drain hopes and dreams

of riches in these lands where fortune beckons

and greed reckons it right to fight to win

where all is counted lost or gain

as men sigh discontentedly and long to find

safe harbour and cleave to their own hearth again

Fields of life spring bleach-white unto harvest

lands of opportunity, chance to exchange

the better for the best and lead others

to a place of knowing and growing strong

before they enter their eternal rest

Here ~ man, woman and child of every tongue

rejoice in full salvation for everyone

Fields of joy dance bright, Elysian pure

rippling rivers of refreshment for warriors

made weary fighting brave and bold

now resting from their labours as they savour

peace at last within spirit, body, mind,

meet and greet with great delight loved ones

lost, now reunited forever more with kith and kin