It is Remembrance Day today and our thoughts stray toward those who gave of themselves to secure our freedom and peace.

In the remembering there is nostalgia, recognition of pain and loss, and reminder of hope for the future.


Fields of death blush poppy-red with blood-soaked

reminders of another poured out offering

sacrificial stained scarlet thread and flood

of grace upon the cross as Jesus took upon

Himself our sorrow, sin and shame

overcoming the curse of death

securing victory in His Name

Fields of toil trampled as mud ditches, slurry

to soil a soul, drain hopes and dreams

of riches in these lands where fortune beckons

and greed reckons it right to fight to win

where all is counted lost or gain

as men sigh discontentedly and long to find

safe harbour and cleave to their own hearth again

Fields of life spring bleach-white unto harvest

lands of opportunity, chance to exchange

the better for the best and lead others

to a place of knowing and growing strong

before they enter their eternal rest

Here ~ man, woman and child of every tongue

rejoice in full salvation for everyone

Fields of joy dance bright, Elysian pure

rippling rivers of refreshment for warriors

made weary fighting brave and bold

now resting from their labours as they savour

peace at last within spirit, body, mind,

meet and greet with great delight loved ones

lost, now reunited forever more with kith and kin


2 thoughts on “Remembering

    • Dear Jedidja, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to stop and leave a lovely comment! I wouldn’t be able to read or understand it in Dutch but I’m pleased it translates well. Blessings 🙂

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