when you can’t see the wood for the trees



We’ve all been there – lost and unsure, wondering which direction to take, what decision to make. Ideas loom up large as trees, yet we cannot  see the way ahead, nor barely find the light hidden within the foliage.

As we examine our lives we can see a mixture of the old and new; some things feel fresh and vital and others seem stale and lifeless. Maybe they are signs to point the way ahead?

Guidance can feel like walking down a long dark tunnel with only a tiny match to light the path before us. We long for further clarity. God usually gives us just enough light for the next step we need to take.

Beyond that all is black to our eyes. How can we have hope and joy when we feel so uncertain? It helps to remember the walk of faith is exactly that – not a quick jog or a drive-through. We will walk slow at times, falter and fumble our way into the future, though as long as we keep on keeping on we are making progress.

But that doesn’t mean God isn’t with us for every step we take. He is the silent companion for all our days,  whispering words of comfort, offering help just when we need it. And we have His covering of grace, wisdom and discernment which grows stronger as we press on and push past our reservations.

Fear will keep us glued to the spot but faith will help us to march on regardless. The more accustomed we are to holding onto the hand of God in daily life, the more we grow used to the way He leads and guides.

During times when you can’t see the wood for the trees, take note of what seems dead, what appears to be dying back and what is still showing signs of life and vitality.

There are hints wrapped up in life’s seasons and whispers given with each new thing. Our task is to pray, search the Scriptures, ask God to reveal His will for us, keep our eyes and ears open for all the ways in which He chooses to speak.

We may hear a direct word which appears to leap off the pages of our Bible. We might be listening to a sermon, or having a conversation where our heart jumps in recognition at something we hear.

We could be quietly carrying on with our everyday lives, preoccupied with a mindless task, perhaps, and suddenly sense God speaking to us. It’s a good idea to have a pen and paper handy or use a phone to record those thoughts. They could be really useful in the days or months ahead. This is a great tip for writers especially, so we don’t lose those sudden flashes of inspiration!

There is always new life emerging from what seems dead or dying, although some days we have to deliberately seek it out. Even our hopes, dreams and plans can experience a lay-off season and be followed by a resurrection of sorts. Our journey into joy will be fraught with obstacles, yet we can negotiate them all with God beside us.


Welcome to #day1 of 31 days of journeying into joy. I’m so pleased you are here! Thank you for joining me.

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Walk of faith

file image PJ walk of faith


Sometimes I want to walk

away from myself

turn my back and flee

But there’s no getting

away from it

I can’t get away from me

Although I feel a place

of cold emptiness

echoing through my heart

When I try listening close

I sense Jesus is

walking through every part

He pushes away the

darkness shelved deep inside

so that it has nowhere else

to trouble, disturb or hide

And He fills and floods

every crevice and space

with His wonderful love

and amazing grace


For the first time in several weeks, I am delighted to be joining here again today(a little later than planned) with Kate and friends for #fiveminutefriday and with Mel for #essentialfridays

grace file pin image PJ walk of faith