Grace notes

How do you picture grace or try to describe it?

I see grace like musical notes that play out in our lives as rich background sound to all our senses, bringing harmony and melody to our moments and a song of praise to our lips and hearts.

These grace notes are Holy whispers we need to train ourselves to listen and respond to.

We live, breathe and have our being in God’s grace.

We are enabled, equipped and encouraged by its anointing.

We have all the riches of God’s treasure store laid out for us by faith in Christ.

Where does one begin to suggest the source of all strength, the power, peace and purpose of knowing our Saviour?

As a weary M.E sufferer (who has very limited energy or inspiration today), I know I cannot do full justice to these things.

But I pray that my lowly offering here will still touch your heart with some small measure of mutuality, a flicker of recognition or understanding.


‘Holy whispers’

Dew-dappled leaves

sunlight fronds filtering through the trees

with holy whispers calling on the breeze

suggestive of love, hope and laughter

kindled with knowledge of joy hereafter.

With friends to hold hands and heart

for whether we’re young or old

they are a rich part  of common grace

goodness God gives and deploys

to be acknowledged and enjoyed.

And as we trust in the promise of Your word

 believe and receive all we have heard,

as we behold Your face

seeing life through new eyes

with renewed and restored view

of delight and surprise in dealing

with the everyday, we become aware

of how it all comes back to You.

Everything looks better than we had thought

it could be as we have sought

to know and follow closely

being alert in seeing each and every day

is liberally laced

with Your love

 revealing a fresh way of living

with help from within

and support from above.

For such is life when

You bring our senses alive.

All is gift

All is grace

All is Christ seen

within and around.

His love surrounds


enabling the freeing

of all

that soils and despoils



Like many before it, this poem had a life of its own.

I began with marvelling at creation.

And veered off into marvelling at the Creator Himself.

Which is no surprise when He is the Source of all grace, all goodness and life itself.

Linking here with Lisa-Jo Baker and all the brave and beautiful writers who participate in #fiveminutefriday. Today’s prompt is:‘Grace’.

You are very welcome and warmly invited to join in.

PS:Grace is a topic I’ve written about many times before in Words of Joy and made into a series called ‘Grace Notes’. It all began here.

12 thoughts on “Grace notes

    • Oh, thank you, Julie! I was feeling very low in energy yet sensing God wanted me to write today. All praise to Him for enabling, equipping and inspiring me! Plus, I think I ran over time a bit too. Blessings.

  1. Well isn’t this amazing? I’ve always been so impressed with people who can write poetry. This is truly wonderful. Kudos to you for pressing through feelings to bless us with your gift. Each one’s is so unique, isn’t it? Love to see the various ways of expressing one word here at FMF. Thanks for your contribution.

    • Thank you, Lisa! It may seem strange but I tend to think and write poetry better than prose when I am less well. Somehow my brain is wired that way! Odd but true. Yes, it is rather lovely seeing how each person takes the word prompt for FMF and makes it their own. I enjoy reading the great variety of posts there. Thanks very much for stopping by to bless and encourage me. I really appreciate it! 🙂 x

  2. Dear Joy
    I just love your words where you say that all is Jesus within and all around us. Your poem has grace weaved into all your words that gives His life to words that would otherwise would have been lifeless. I really feel the vibrancy of our Pappa’s grace when I was reading your poem and it brings me so much joy to see when someone truly understands grace!
    Blessings XX

    • Dear Mia, you live and breathe God’s grace in your life and words too. I always come away feeling blessed and refreshed after reading your lovely blog or seeing a new comment on mine. I’m truly thankful that God took this tired woman, held her close and whispered words to share today that would bless those who read them. We know Jesus. We know what it is to rest on His grace and mercy on a daily basis. And He pours out more than enough to overflow to others. Blessings, my friend. Xx

  3. I love the idea of Holy Whispers. So beautiful. I can imagine God whispering in my ear reminding me of the gift He has given me through His grace and the beauty of the world He created. (Headed from FMF)

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