Sunday snippet:Retreat

It’s Sunday. A day to do life differently if possible.

Have a pause.

Take a break.

Rest from the usual activities.

Enjoy simply being rather than doing.

Retreat for a while in order to reconnect with God and rediscover all He has blessed us  with.

Breathe deep and easy. Savour the sights around. Sense His Presence.

You know it will do you good.

God ordained a day for this purpose.

His desire is for us to be renewed, rested, refreshed and restored for all that lies ahead.


In this world 

of rush and hurry

it is good sometimes

to pause from the flurry;

savour the flavour of

renewed zeal and zest

of the spiritual kind

that brings peace and rest

to soul and mind.

Let go the cares

Let go the noise

escape the world’s snares

entertainment and toys.

Find a quiet place 

where healing resides

to soothe fretful hearts

and God’s Spirit abides.

Let in the Light

Let in His Voice

that speaks soft

and calms us

so that we rejoice 

to heed yet again

what we once felt was lost

a treasure indeed –

The Pearl of great cost.

Let Love enfold you

Let Grace restore

all that is broken 

will be redeemed evermore,

enriched by His Presence

engulfed by His care

enlivened inside

as we lean, learn and share.

Returning once more 

to our home lives again

externally the same

internally changed

we have eyes to discern

sacred in the secular

made profound in His Name.


Day 23  in 31 day challenge of #poetryforthesoul

**NOTE** This poem first appeared on Words of Joy as a response to taking a mini spiritual retreat a few months ago. Though we don’t necessarily have to go away from home to spend quality time with God and enjoy a restful break.

6 thoughts on “Sunday snippet:Retreat

  1. What a blessing that our Lord’s day brings, to worship, to reflect, to rest and as you said – to allow Love to enfold us and for Grace to restore all that is broken. I am so thankful.
    Blessings my friend xx

    • I agree, Anita. It is a great blessing to celebrate the Lord’s Day. And remains so whether we can physically meet with others in worship or have a quite time of reflection and praise alone in our homes instead. As we enter into God’s presence, we encounter the richness of His mercy and grace like sweet nectar to our thirsty souls. No matter where we are, we’re never unreachable to Him. Blessings 🙂 xx

  2. Joy, what can I say? You poetry is so beautiful. Many of us are seeing the need to slow down, retreat, and reflect. This is lovely and my heart is blessed.

  3. Joy, to come apart from the bustle in the Lord, to be still, be quiet, and wait on Him, doesn’t come easily. I think that human beings in general, and especially men, want to keep busy, “do” something, “fix” something. To wait feels unproductive. But when we do get apart with God to renew and refresh, we come away changed, as you pointed out so beautifully, when you said we would be, “ externally the same, internally changed,.we have eyes to discern sacred in the secular, made profound in His Name.” Good job on this one!

    • That’s so true, Neil. Waiting for or on anything/anyone can feel like wasting time. Yet we need to have pause points with God in order to be refreshed, renewed and restored. We also place ourselves in a better position to hear from Him and learn the things He desires to impart to receptive hearts. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

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