Seeing clearly

Life can so easily throw us off balance.

All it can take is a word, a look, a thought, a new problem.

Seeking the truth of the matter can be challenging.

Our senses are alert, heightened by sensitivity.

How do we decipher truth from lies,  fact from fiction, knowing and believing from ignorance and misunderstanding?

When I keep my eyes focussed on my circumstances the pain can feel overwhelming.

I feel lost, alone, muddled and confused.

When I lift them to God’s word, seek His presence and listen to all He desires to impart to me, my eyes cease being clouded by suspicion, discouragement or fear and my vision becomes clear again.

My heart beats steady.

My thoughts begin to align more with His thoughts.

I am encouraged and strengthened to face another day, another problem, another set of unwelcome circumstances.

Taking off my worldly lenses and putting on spiritual ones helps keep my mind and heart tuned into His truth.

And the more I read, understand, pray, and believe God’s word, the more He fills me with a peace that transcends all circumstances.

I’m getting a bit philosophical here today as I join in with #fiveminutefriday ~ where we write freely, no worries about perfection, just for the sheer pleasure of seeing words fall on the page; then we link up, share the love, read one another’s posts and leave an encouraging comment ~  today’s prompt is:‘Truth’.


‘Seeing and believing’

Mirrors lie.

They reflect what is incomplete

distort, show only in part,

unless you look into God’s mirror ~

His Word

will reveal all that is real

 deep and true, lasting, honest

messages from His heart

to you.

The world will have you believe

you are not enough, you are inadequate,

you’re not up to scratch,

not a player, not a winner, not up to much,

not a great catch.

But God…

says in His word you are dear, deeply loved,

someone He longs to draw near to,

bring comfort, help, heal and restore,

bring peace, hope and joy

to your life once more.

You are more than enough

you are His precious beloved

…..and that’s the Truth.

No matter how you may feel

try to cling to what is real

about life and love as seen in God

and trust His opinion above all others

~ even your own.

Believe, receive and grow strong

in all your soul longs to know.

You are loved and you belong.




Linking here with Lisa-Jo Baker for #fiveminutefriday and with Laura at Missional Women #FaithFilledFriday

You are very welcome and warmly encouraged to join in.

10 thoughts on “Seeing clearly

  1. Joy, thank you so much for sharing this. I loved the acronym for truth at the bottom. Saving it and sticking it in my Bible, Mirrors, Journals, (you get the picture!)

    • Laura, thanks very much for stopping by to leave a sweet comment. Yes, I get the picture! It’s so nice to meet you. I’m really pleased this spoke to you, as your lovely FMF post did to me. Blessings 🙂 x

  2. Dearest Joy
    Isn’t it amazing how illness and pain make the love of our Pappa so much more real to us! Fact is, we cannot survive one day without His continuous love and grace filling our hearts! We have nothing and no one else to draw life and strength from. This is a life better lived at the end of our own resources!
    Blessings XX

    • Dear Mia, I can relate well to all you say here. We need God so much, don’t we? And He graciously draws close to those who lean hard upon His love and grace. For we truly “have nothing and no-one else to draw life and strength from”. The end of our own resources is where God’s resources begin; and they are unlimited. Blessings Xx

  3. “trust His opinion above all others
    ~ even your own.” This is great, Joy. Thanks for once again adding your unique way of expressing God’s truth to this FMF community.

    • Thanks very much, Lisa! I am honoured that you stopped by to bless me with your sweetly encouraging comment. It is always a joy to participate in FMF and see the rich variety of thoughts and reflections which God draws out of us from the one word prompt. Blessings 🙂

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