Love and loss

Since time immemorial, poets have written about love and loss.

Such topics are natural outpourings of the soul.

My words are not always drawn from experience.

Sometimes a hint exists.

And more than a large share of poetic imagination.

I’ll leave you to guess which.

The poem here was written a few years back in the heady days of love given and received, coupled with those painful times of love denied or lost, and published here for the first time.

‘Outlived love’


of quiet, unbroken tears

wells up between us.

What can I say?

Channels block


and locks are drawn

though finely

as a thin veil covering

the Past and refusing

re-entry to the future.


slowly dies

creeping with cowardice

from our hearts ~

a love we once trusted

but lost.


Human love can take us to dizzy heights or plummeting depths of emotion.

It is a wonderful yet fragile thing, prone to alteration and change, often as fickle as our feelings.

The only love that is totally unconditional, constant, continual, dependable, eternal, forgiving and ever-giving is the love of God as seen in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

In it’s pure, Holy flame we can rest secure. Feel safe. Be comforted, warmed and encouraged. Breathe easy. Feel completely accepted and validated.

“We love because he first loved us” ~ 1 John 4:19

Day 25 ~ 31 days of #poetryforthesoul

4 thoughts on “Love and loss

  1. Dear Joy
    Oh, the fragility of human love! I was once amazed that our Pappa would ask us to love our enemies if we battled to love even our own. Until I learned that I only need to abide in perfect Love and allow Him to love others through me and change my feelings towards others! Not an easy thing to deny that “self” for we just love to be doers. But what is impossible with man is easy peasy with God! What a beautiful poem, dearest friend! How are you doing. Thinking of and praying for you!
    Blessings XX

    • Dear Mia, how beautifully you have expressed this dilemma. I know well the struggle to love in my own strength and the necessity to lean hard upon our Saviour’s grace. Loving and praying for our enemies is one of the most challenging aspects of Christian life sometimes! The secret is very much “to allow Him to love others through me and change my feelings toward others” – yes, indeed, my friend. Thank you so much for sparing time and precious energy to visit me here and offer such lovely encouragement to bless me with! You are a joy to know. I hope to have spare time/energy soon to send you an e-mail. Until then, we meet in the blogosphere, pray and offer what support we can to one another. Blessings Xx

  2. Hi Joy,

    The heights and depths of love, wow. I can’t think of anything that has as much joy and pain connected, entwined, together. I am so thankful we can rely, depend, hold onto, Perfect love, that surrounds us and holds us through the times of sorrow, and rejoices with us in joy.

    Thank you for your beautiful post.

    • You’re right, Anita. Nothing else really has “as much joy and pain connected, entwined, together” as human love. I am also truly thankful for the reliable constancy of God’s love for us. Such “Perfect love, that surrounds us and holds us through the times of sorrow, and rejoices with us in joy” is beyond anything else we know. Thank you for your lovely comment. Blessings 🙂 xx

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