On a day like this

Each new day holds hope and potential, promise and purpose to be revealed.

Each day is gift and blessing to unfold.

Only some days feel heavy and weighty.

Time disappears and nothing gets done.

Moments slip away like sand.

I have many days like that with M.E when symptoms are worse.

All that can be done is to ‘go with the flow’, be it turgid and slow.

The poem below was written on such a day as this.

‘This day’

This is a day for sheltered darkness ~

windows closed tight ‘gainst sound and sight

curtains shielding all piercing light,

weary frame resting in the bed

trying to still restless thoughts in my head,

feeling weak, exhausted and drained

in a body racked with pulsating pain

as I wonder ~ with some despair ~

if this pain will ever cease or disappear.

And I sense Holy Spirit’s soft caress

in my heart as He draws near

to impart wisdom in the way He does best.

For He can calm and still every storm

bring comfort to all who are lost or forlorn,

bring hope, joy and peace again

to heart, mind and body

made heavy with pain.

All God is asking of me today

is to sink grateful, restful

into His loving embrace

and drink deep draughts

of His sustaining grace,

trust and believe for healing

in days yet to come

while He keeps revealing

strength to endure

this particular one.


These seasons of pain, stress, strain and disease literally drive us to our knees and make us cry out to God for help and relief.

They are what shape and make us even as they seem to break us.

God knows. He hears our unspoken fears. Sees tears shed and fall and captures them all. Nothing gets past Him.

And when it feels like we cannot go on a minute longer, there is grace given to endure and perseverance to make us stronger than we were before.

Christ-like character is honed in the furnace of affliction and deep spiritual work takes place within.

We can take heart as the heat and flames lick ever closer, knowing our God is in the midst of them with us and will bring us out the other side ~ with ash and soot clinging to our frame maybe ~ but with a deeper dependence on His grace and mercy.


Day 31 of 31 days of #poetryforthesoul ~ Thank you for accompanying me on this journey, even if it has taken longer than anticipated! I hope you have enjoyed the variety offered.

And if you are new here, do feel free to check out previous posts. If you have a favourite please let me know as it may find its way into a future anthology. Thanks! I really appreciate you stopping by. 

12 thoughts on “On a day like this

    • Hi Mandy. Lovely to see you here, my friend! Thanks very much for supporting my journey with M.E and as a poet and writer too. Although I may take a bit of a break, I intend sharing more poetry soon. Xx 🙂

  1. Joy I have loved travelling with you on this journey , I do so hope to see your work in a book of some kind soon – as you say an anthology – it will be wonderful for your readers and such a blessing for you too. I have a message similar about “days like this” they may bit be filed with all physical pain but no matter w hat its on these days we need to rest in Gods loving care – endurance is ours when we reach that place – we are truly able to go on. Many blessings Joy xoxo

    • Thank you, Maxine. Your warm words of encouragement and support have really blessed my heart! It is my great hope and desire to publish my work more widely ~ God willing, and strength permitting of course. These weary days deepen dependency on God’s grace and increase the need to rest in Him. Then He gives us endurance and perseverance to continue our journey refreshed and equipped for what lies ahead. Blessings of rest, healing and peace to you, my friend. Xx

    • Anita, I’m so sorry to hear you are struggling similarly. Leaning on our Lord is always the best thing we can do. Thank you for sharing and encouraging my poetic journey! I hope to write more to bless your heart with soon, my friend. xx

  2. My heart relates and, it grieves me that you’re experiencing such physical stretching and spiritually refined, polished, but joy will come, we know that ! Joseph of Egypt always comes to mind. You will be restored my friend !

    • Dear Debby, I am so thankful for your visit and the sweet, uplifting encouragement you have shared! Like Joseph, we go through the dark times and places with hope of seeing restoration and change to come. Bless you, my friend. 🙂 xx

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