Here lies mystery

I’m trying to consciously make way for the Christ-child in my heart and life during this Advent season as I ponder the marvel and mystery of it all.

There is much we fail to fully comprehend.

So much that is infinite Divine mystery combined with human history.

Though the salient truth hits home time after time :He is here. Our Saviour is born. Christ has come.

The waiting is over.

Prophecy and history combine in the coming of the anticipated Messiah ~ our Lord Jesus Christ.

And that is all we really need to know, believe and receive for God to bring transformation to our lives.

So I am pondering these things in this last #fiveminutefriday post for 2013.

This week’s prompt is:‘Reflect’


‘Here lies mystery’

Here lies mystery…

as Mary-like we ponder

with increasing awe and wonder

how the Lord of all history

enters our fallen humanity

Our God contracted to a span

incomprehensibly made man

taking on our earthly frame

as He would take on our sin and shame

Here lies mystery…

to consider and reflect on

as we enter the Advent season

preparing to celebrate

with mind and heart

all that Christmas

is intended to be

as God imparts a sense

of His great majesty

Here lies mystery…

deep, wide and long

as a sweet saving song

is sung by angels

in a heavenly throng

and shepherds awaken

as they hear and

awe-struck, terrified,

trembling, draw near

Here lies mystery…

as our lives are steeped

in everyday, ordinary,

and we feel replete

until we see we are

drained of fullness, incomplete,

before the Christ-child

so mild and lowly

offers His gift to all mankind

of salvation pure and holy


 STOP. (And I confess to having gone over time with this one)

Linking here, a little later than usual,  with Lisa-Jo Baker and all the other  brave ‘flying by the seat of our pants without worrying about perfection’ writers. You are very welcome and warmly invited to join in.

17 thoughts on “Here lies mystery

  1. How wonderful that we are neighbors this week on FMF! I love seeing a familiar face. 🙂 I’m always stunned by your talent. This is truly an inspirational work of art. It is RICH with revelation. Thanks…it leaves much room for reflection!

    • Hello Lisa. I thought that when I saw your friendly face! It’s lovely to see you here. Thank you for your kind, encouraging comment. I am always amazed by what God brings out of us in five minutes of speed wriitng! Now I need to hop over and read your great post too. I’m always a bit late catching up. Blessings, my friend 🙂 xx

  2. Dearest Joy
    Oh, of course you had to write longer than five minutes, for how can this mystery ever be contained by any amount of time. Your poetry has wrapped this mystery in beauty and walked a little way along the path of the Advent. I am a bit late to this celebration, but have been out of town this weekend. Joy, isn’t it just wonderful to worship our God who cannot be contained or comprehended in the confines of our finite minds!!! Great poem, my friend; just beautiful.
    Blessings XX

    • Dear Mia, I am always greatly blessed by your visits. You understand me well and read my work so insightfully. And you speak aright to say, “how can this mystery ever be contained by any amount of time”. How indeed! Yet we do our best to grasp the Incarnate Christ in the babe meek and mild, the infinite in the finite and the supernatural in the natural. So pleased that this spoke to you and delighted to hear you could achieve getting out for a while. I hope and pray this is a sign of further recovery to come for you, my friend. Blessings 🙂 xx

  3. Just lovely. Mystery indeed – we seek to ‘know’ God and to understand, and I’m constantly asking Him for answers and explanations and sometimes it’s good to sit back and open our hands wide and wonder at the mystery of it all. God as man, born to die for us so that we might live with Him for eternity. There’s no understanding it.
    Thank you, Joy. Just lovely.

    • Oh how we love answers, don’t we, Helen? Yet, as you so beautifully say, “sometimes it’s good to sit back and and open our hands wide and wonder at the mystery of it all”. It is a great mystery beyond our undestanding. Though the things we do know fill us with such awe and wonder. Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts here. Lovely to see you, my friend! 🙂 xx

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