Let us worship Him

Advent is a season for contemplation, reverence and awe as we consider all that God has done for us in Christ.

The Christ-child brings hope and light in our darkness.

We recognise the importance of His coming to earth.

We offer our gratitude, worship and praise to our Lord and Saviour.

I have been thinking about the meaning of worship recently and the poem below is an attempt to hone in on the essence of it for me.

As we seek to realise and express the wonder, you are very welcome to join in the conversation and add your own thoughts here.

“It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men” ~ C.S. Lewis

Worship Is…

Bending of mind, will, heart and knee in supplication

to God in recognition of all we have and all we can be

Raising of voices, lifting of hands, heart and head to His call,

lowering of our own goals unless they’re in tune

with the will of the One who is sovereign over all

Making time to spend in His word, by His side,

learning to sit still, to listen, rest and abide

Seeking God’s face, not His hands, His Presence, not His presents,

His heart, will and voice, as we give thanks and rejoice

Wonder and awe at all He is, has done, created and made,

how much He loves, gives, restores and saves

Being aware of Who we approach in prayer, words and song

as we give due reverence to the Holy One

Going wherever He leads and calls with prompt obedience and speed,

relying on His supply, provision and help for our every need

Knowing He is Father, Comforter, Helper, and our greatest Friend,

spending these days on earth with Him unto eternity without end


“To worship is to quicken the conscience by the holiness of God, to feed the mind with the truth of God, to purge the imagination by the beauty of God, to open the heart to the love of God, to devote the will to the purpose of God” ~ William Temple

 I’m exploring more of what worship means to me, and how my perceptions have changed over the years, on my writer friend, Josh Collin’s site where I’m delighted to be guest posting this week.

You can click here to read the full post.

8 thoughts on “Let us worship Him

  1. Dear Joy
    I cannot agree more with your words about seeking God face and not His hands and seeking His presence and not His presents. I wonder at times if the world at large has not lost this perspective especially when it is Christmas.
    Blessings XX

    • Dear Mia, one of the things I especially love about you is that you always bring a beautiful insight when you visit here. I agree with you about the world at large sadly losing the persepctive on “seeking His presence and not His presents”. And what a loss that is! Blessings 🙂 xx

  2. Joy, this was one of my favourites! It really opened my heart to other avenues of worship ~ and ones heart and souls motives. I always took for granted worship was always so personal…which it can be but…..like the word of God we should always be open to learn and exhaust all areas ~ including worship! “Making time to spend in His word, by His side,
    learning to sit still, to listen, rest and abide” Amen! So touched by your thoughts and reflections on such an important vein of our relationship with our Lord. Blessings my friend in Christ.

    • Thanks very much, Kathy! I’m really encouraged by the thoughts you have shared here and how much you read into my work. Worship is a vast topic and I cannot pretend to have got it covered. All I can really express is my experience and insights. Blessings in Him, my friend. Xx

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