Weight of glory

One of the most amazing things about the Christmas story is how everyday people are invited in to share the special occasion.

So few were even aware of the Messiah’s arrival or had paid attention to the signs along the way.

A privileged few were insiders and participants in the greatest story ever told ~ God come to earth to take on our full humanity.

These bystanders may have felt the weight of glory surrounding them as angels sang and heaven rejoiced.

Been overwhelmed by it all.

Yet even they were strangers to the full implication of the Incarnation.

How Jesus would become sin for us on the cross.

Give His life as a ransom for many.

Die the death we deserved that we may inherit His eternal life to come.

This year, as we read the familiar Bible passages, see a school nativity perhaps or watch a film on it, let’s try to see it as though for the very first time.

Allow ourselves to be awed.

Awaken to wonder.

Feel the weight of glory.


Divine conception orchestrated in the holding-space

of a virgin’s womb cum meeting-place twixt

heaven and earth ~ signalling our Saviour’s birth

Mystery deep, sublime, beats beneath

the rhythm of time, now seeping inexorably

between all that was, is now and will be

So human days and ways shift into line

with plans of aeons past colliding as history,

present, and future now subsiding as one

to meet and greet Christ-child ~ Mary’s son

How can this be?

An infant meek and warm, just barely born,

should bear the weight of glory now

and see it cast aside

for a crown of thorns, somehow

No inkling yet as befuddled shepherds

struggle into stable bleak, forlorn,

with countenance of joy and

hope spread on their faces,

jostle reverently around for front-row

seat of places in this Nativity

where grace and angels meet

on Holy ground

And wise men travelled from afar

guided by a bright and beckoning star

to see the One prophets had foretold

and bring Him gifts ~ myrrh, frankincense and gold

Here, cradled in a cattle stall

lay a babe ~ the King and Lord of all

providing reason for us to celebrate

the birth of our Saviour Incarnate


8 thoughts on “Weight of glory

  1. Dear Joy
    Oh, you have just such a way to take words and weave them into the beauty of poetry!! This is beautiful! Joy, Joe Pote wrote a post on the virgin birth that really spoke to my heart so much. He blog’s name is Redeemed and I think you will just love his post. I even see a poem in the making there for you.
    Blessings XX

    • Dear Mia, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! I have taken a look over at Joe Pote’s site and read the post you suggested here. It’s a thought-provoking read, rich in symbolism and ripe for poetic reflection ~ maybe one day I could try to do it justice.
      You were right to see a poem in there, my friend, maybe several, God willing!
      Blessings Xx 🙂

  2. Amen. This is lovely.
    I need to find some time to stop in this season of chaos and constant noise and activity and simply be in His presence… and marvel at the wonder of it. Thank you, Joy.

    • Helen, I think your recent journalling will yield rich fruit and bring you to a place where you linger longer in God’s presence as your heart is hungry to hear more from Him.
      We do tend to need reminders to pause and reflect, be awed and amazed anew at our Saviour’s birth and all it implies for mankind in general and ourselves in particular.
      Thanks very much for finding time in the busyness to stop by to read and leave a comment too. I really appreciate it. Bless you, my friend. Xx 🙂

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