How my Poetry Got Into Stores

Be inspired by how the lovely Anne Peterson’s poetry has touched lives for the better. An awesome and encouraging story!

Anne Peterson Writes

It was 1994. I went to visit my friend, Arlyce.

While there I quoted her one of my poems, I Have These Holes.

“You have to do something with this,” Arlyce said.

Knowing my husband Mike was an artist she said, “Why don’t you take some of your poetry and put it with Mike’s art?”

A collaboration

A couple weeks later, Mike and I stood in a print shop beaming, as we watched our first piece of poetry art come out of the printer.

I showed the finished pieces to friends who liked them. I took some to college where I was a returning student. I’d bring them there and sometimes bring home money.

One instructor asked if I’d share my poetry at her home. And “poetry parties” were born. I created invitations she would mail out to her friends.

I would share stories of my life, intermingled with my…

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