Burning bright and clear

The lights are going out everywhere.

Decorations put away for another year.

Brightness losing to grey and gloom.

But what if we deliberately make room for it?

With ‘listen’ being my #oneword365, I aim to use all of my senses more fully.

And as a personal writing challenge this year, I am starting with 31 days of being more mindful.

Notice normal.

Find ordinary extraordinary.

Turn away from doom and drear.

Let my interest in life burn bright and clear.

See God’s goodness and grace all over the place.

Savour the flavour of life ‘As Is’ in a way I may not have done before.

It began on January 1st with this #smallstone offering:

And it has continued since as I’ve shared them on social media. Not aiming for perfection ~ just attention to detail ~ I will share some of them here with you too.

Today’s poem came from reflecting on the change of season and end of Christmas/New Year celebrations.

Maybe I can encourage and inspire you to actively listen to your life and find greater joy and discovery in the everyday? I hope so.


Embracing a new year

means that Christmas decorations

tend to disappear

and all its celebrations

are at an end

Though God’s Light

is not suspended

but shining bright and clear

it remains to comfort and to cheer

Burning evergreen in our souls

perfect for every season

it is the very reason

we are healed, restored, made whole

throughout the year

as it leads, guides and directs

our pathways here


10 thoughts on “Burning bright and clear

  1. Dear Joy, I was just thinking that “Evergreen” would be an excellent verse for a greeting card. I am going to try to be more present in reading my favorite writers. You are one of them, as well as one of my special newer friends. How our horizons have broadened this year. Isn’t it amazing? God is so good. Love, Debby XxOo

    • Do you think so? I may have to research that area..hmm..food for thought. It’s a great honour to be included in your list of favourites! Thank you. Yes, Debby, it’s been quite a year hasn’t it? We have been tried and tested, stretched and blessed enormously. God has gifted us with much to be thankful for. I’m really pleased and grateful we’ve been able to maintain our friendship through all the ups and downs. Blessings and love 🙂 Xx

  2. A lovely reminder of how god is ever present and His light is our guiding light through all the season of the years , truly a lovely word here Joy – thank you for sharing your gift with us .

    • Yes, Kathy, God’s love is constant and unconditional, perfect all year round! It’s lovely to see you back in the writing community. You have been missed! I look forward to reading your words soon. They always bless my soul. And I appreciate you too, my friend. Blessings and love 🙂 xx

  3. God’s light, (love) is the light that never dims.
    Matthew 5:16 King James Version (KJV)
    Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. I enjoyed your beautiful poem.

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