Words for wounded warriors

In a season where there is more physical and emotional challenge than usual, it helps to think of others who are also in need.

So many wear smiles on the outside yet feel broken inside.

So many give and give and give some more until they are left as limp, worn-out rags.

It can take all the courage we can muster just to face another day.

And often the most holy thing we can do is just to take a nap.

A heart can ache heavy with unspoken fears and cares.

We can feel alone in a sea of faces.

We can move heaven and earth for our loved ones only to be rejected or neglected.

Try as we might, we cannot suppress all the pain we carry.

As I reflect more on my life in an effort to hear all God may be saying to me, I find myself thrown to my knees more often than not.

And there I discover the One who inhabits all the hard places we find ourselves in.

God’s grace crawls into every crack and crevice of our days.

All the mess and mayhem, muddle and struggle are known to Him.

So we pray…

‘A prayer for the hurting’

God bless the wounded warriors,

the ones who crawl and cry through,

those who press in and press on 

with leaking eyes and leaking wounds,

the battle-scarred and beaten down.

Bless the broken-hearted, bleeding and bruised

 reeds rubbed raw by those who have 

rubbished and rejected them,

those who can barely lift their face

weighed heavy with shame and disgrace.

Hold those who cannot hold on another minute,

whose lives are fear-filled,

whose faces are tear-filled,

who feel empty of worth and value

of no repute, cast aside, left behind.

Keep safe the ones who are drowning,

whose days and nights 

drip with disappointment,

dread, darkness and torment 

of body and soul.

Cradle the lonely;

let your love wash over them,

embrace their emptiness

and fill with the companionship

that only Your Presence provides.

Come alongside the misunderstood,

the marginalised,

the misfits,

the mayhem makers

and risk takers.

Bring strength to the weary,

grace for the weak,

hope for the hurting,

freedom for captives,

peace for the pain.

The path is long, the way is hard,

finishing line too far to see

as we drag there on our knees,

dry and thirsty for relief

desperate for some ease.

Walk with us as you did of old

on sand-crusted shore,

dirt-trodden pathways,

seeking and saving 

those who are lost.

For we need you, Lord Jesus;

Your return seems far off,

We fight and we fail,

shout, cry and rail,

for a touch from above.



 “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smouldering wick he will not snuff out” ~ Isaiah 42:3

This poetic prayer lament appeared first on Words of Joy. It is a heart’s cry God delights to answer. Hungry, hurting hearts will always find grace to help in time of need.

May it bless you to read it here and remember that God is with you in every trouble, trial and testing. If you would like me to pray for a specific need, please reply in the comments below.

And keep in mind that God loves you so much, just as you are ~ He really does ~ and wants above all things for you to seek His face in the everyday challenges of life.

7 thoughts on “Words for wounded warriors

  1. These words today remind me once again that there are many wounded warriors need our prayers, they may fall yet get up to go on again – God is there for them in the midst of the battle and reaches to meet their need .

    • Yes, that is so true, Maxine. The important thing is to “get up to go on again” as God sustains, lifts and encourages us forward. Without His helping hand our journey through life would be impossible and we would be tempted to give up completely. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Blessings 🙂 x

  2. Dear Joy. In this world of turmoil scraps, there is so much hidden hurt and weariness. Such a powerful verse of love and prayer. I join my voice and pray for another touch from the Lord. Through the blue skies of tomorrows, and the veiled valleys; may the ‘ONE” who knows all bless each weary soul with dew drops of blessings. I am always so moved by your God inspired words Joy. God bless you richly.

    • Dear Kathy, you never fail to bless me richly by your visits and comments! There is so much need in the world and people often feel left out, neglected or rejected. As we seek after God’s own heart our own will beat with compassion for others. Blessings 🙂 xx

    • Thank you, Chanda. It felt quite personal when the words first came and then it developed into a general prayer for the hurting. So many need to know they are loved and have hope to cling to. Bless you for visiting! 🙂

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