Jane truly captures the beauty and wonder of each day in this lovely reflection.

In Plainjane View


The sunrise exploded the sky into a palette of brilliance this morning.

One second, I notice a tiny beginning of color and I looked away… the next, the sky was on fire. Blazing, breath-taking, fire-breathing fire.

I raced out the door, my robe’s tie dragging on the ground behind me, and my girl dog leaping up from a dream- caught unaware in the emergency – panting behind me … it was over.

The crescendo of beauty? Not even one minute. Forget the 15 minutes of fame, this brilliant beginning was over and done in 30 seconds, tops. And I had missed it.

Life had moved on. The sun came up, and routines began, and I wondered how many had been honored to witness how beautiful it all began? And I wondered, This day started out extraordinary, how is it that it can stumble and limp into the mundane?

I dragged…

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