Tanka Tuesday

National Poetry month 2014 image


Poetry speaks soul to soul.

Creating a spark of recognition in the reader.

It ignites and inspires.

Firing off thoughts to share.

In celebration of April being ‘National Poetry Month’ I aim to post extra poetic offerings over the next few weeks.

I cannot promise a daily dose because my fluctuating health won’t allow for that.

However, I will do my best to put out smaller snippets a little more regularly as God gives me inspiration and strength.

They will be based on observations of life, loss, love and faith ~ with  a stronger emphasis on life in this season where it is burgeoning all around us.

Today’s snippet (like subsequent Tuesdays ahead, hopefully), is a tanka poem using a 4-6-4-7-6 syllable pattern.


cascade of water ~ overflow tanka poem pin

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