Finding freedom

Living within the constraints of chronic illness, or other limitations, needn’t mean living a limited life.

We may have to be more creative in the ways we seek soul sustenance.

Have support and input from others, perhaps.

Imagination and insight play their part.

Freedom can be found in unexpected ways and places.

I am discovering how my mind and spirit can roam free even if my body cannot.

And how feeling chained is a state of mind.

Being captive to circumstances is a choice.

Being free is another.


I’m blue-sky


dreaming, drifting,



A vast horizon

hones into view ~

inviting, enticing,

warmly beckoning

to me and to you

Feel the sand yield

beneath your feet,

salt-tangled breeze,

melting mists that

waft and greet

Wet pavements glistening

in the sun,

as we shuffle,

amble, or break

into a run

Noisy clamour of

a city-busy throng,

elbowing, thrusting

through crowds

to where we belong

Stinging crystalline snowflakes

bite our faces,

reshaping the familiar

into landscapes

of inaccessible places

Even when confined

to bed or chair,

my unfettered mind

is free

to roam anywhere

All it takes

is a pause, glimpse, a look,

with time to reflect ~

on the words and images

contained in a book.


freedom poem pin

**NOTE** As you can see, this is one of my ‘here’s one I made earlier’ poems for such a time as this. It originally appeared on this post on my blog, ‘Words of Joy’, where I spoke about adjusting to loss, and the freedom we can have in Christ.

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10 thoughts on “Finding freedom

  1. I need blue sky thinking today. Absolutely beautiful Joy. We’re clouded up here, but I want my thinking to override the gray sky as well as mounting fears. Fears which are always smaller than our big God. Loved your poem.

    • Thanks, Anne; that means a lot to me. It’s far longer than most, so well done for reading it all! I definitely need reminding of life ‘outside’ my four walls and how much bigger the whole picture is than my own limited view of things. Trust and hope combine to keep us encouraged. As you so rightly say, “Fears which are always smaller than our big God.” Praying for you to know the comfort of His Presence and the peace of perfect Love which casts out fear. 🙂 x

    • Absolutely, Mandy. Our mind and spirit can travel places we fail to reach in our bodies! You are so right in saying, “too often we are boxed in by the walls in our mind” ~ and yet there is hope; we can learn to break free. Bless you for taking time (and energy) to read and reply, my friend. It means a lot to see you here and to know this has resonated with you too. Thank you 🙂 xx

  2. …”Freedom can be found in unexpected ways and places.” Yes! You are so right Joy. I had a few rare moments this morning to read and be blessed by His vessels. I am so very happy I found this “blue sky” Time can swallow you up, and steal precious jewels. Your beautiful words took me to a place where I breathed in the fresh air of tomorrow promises! God bless you my friend. 🙂 xx

    • Kathy, how true it is that “Time can swallow you up, and steal precious jewels”, as you so beautifully describe it. Each moment, each breath, each day is gift and grace. Sometimes it takes emergence from a spell of hardship and challenge to waken us up to God’s continual outpouring we may have missed or taken for granted. Yes, let’s aim to breathe in “the fresh air of tomorrow’s promises” and have gratitude in the waiting period. Bless you, my friend, for your insightful and encouraging words! 🙂 xx

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