The road less travelled

We tread a familiar pathway in this season of hope and renewal.

Walk through the Easter story with a weight of wonder.

Marvel anew at all our Lord went through as He trod the sand-blown, palm-strewn, hosanna-resounding, hostility-riven, nail-driven path to Calvary.

Our dark valleys and nights of the soul pale into insignificance beside Christ’s ordeal at Gethsemane.

Begging for the cup of suffering and sorrow to pass Him by.

Heart and soul in dread.

Sweating ruby-red from furrowed forehead.

Agonised at the thought of torment to come.

Never more fully human and fully God than in these heart-wrenching, lonely, decisive moments in history.

Friends slept oblivious as He waged war internally for our souls’ sake.

Faced being pinioned to a cross. Ready to accept all sin and loss.

Held captive so we could walk free in glorious grace-filled liberty.

Beating a path toward freedom as nails bite into torn, flailed flesh.

Thorns pierce deep and pain sears all senses.

crown of thorns file image


Here lies Love ~  unconditional and immeasurable ~ greater than anything we will ever know.

He took the road less travelled and takes us with Him too.

Ponder His Passion.

Poured out wine of His royal blood Divine.

Pursue the pathway.

Be taken to the cross.

Meet with glory.

Live to tell this eternal story.

cross image ~ You take me tanka poem pin

6 thoughts on “The road less travelled

  1. As I sat here reading and re-reading your words of Christ’s love, they embraced my soul and brought tears of joy ~ realization that He is real, He is alive in our hearts,and lives. Oh let it quicken our mortal bodies~ the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead! Thank you sweet friend for the sharing of your gift, it brought peace to my soul today. Wishing you and your dear loved ones a very blessed Easter. As we reflect on our Resurrection and Life, may we pray for one another, and be united through His love and grace. 🙂 xx

    • It is an amazing thought, isn’t it Kathy? We will never truly comprehend the fullness of Christ’s love while here on earth. Yet, “He is real, He is alive in our hearts, and lives” as you so rightly say. Amen! So pleased this spoke to you, my friend. May you and your loved ones have a blessed Easter as you contemplate its marvel and mystery. 🙂 xx

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