Within the darkest recess of soil life stirs.

It cannot be held back for ever.

There is seed bursting forth. New growth appears. Fruit will come.

Arid, dry desert places give way to lush green, verdant growth.

In the Winter of our souls,  entombed hearts awaken to Life. Resurrection. Gasp of freedom.

Sense hope rising and faith stirring.

Vibrancy in the air; pulsation of purpose.

An awakening.

Call to rise up.

A new season has begun.

Yesterday’s mistakes, pain and problems can be laid aside, cast at the Saviour’s feet.

Grace calls us forward, upward and onward. Readies us for change.

The old is left behind as we welcome and embrace this day, this moment, this gift of new beginnings.

Gratitude grows strong in hearts ready to receive God’s best.

geranium leaf ~ vibrancy tanka poem pin 2


4 thoughts on “Vibrancy

  1. I think we’re reflecting in the same place this week Joy, I’m thinking about new shoots breaking forth in the desert too. Not quite there yet, but hopefully together by tomorrow. Thank you, reading this has given me more confidence that I’m on the right page! Ellie x

    • Happy to have helped, Ellie! Isn’t it great when God confirms things to us through things we observe or read? I appreciate you stopping by to let me know. God bless you. 🙂 x

  2. You are so right about how wonderful it is when God confirms things!
    Thank you Joy for sharing your wonderful gifting, this is a beautiful poem. I stumbled across your website today via Pinterest, and I just feel God has led me here tonight. This poem really reflects how I feel about springtime, and also the seasons of my life. I have just moved house and in the midst of the busy unpacking, sorting, DIY and organising the chaos, sometimes I feel a bit adrift as I am in that in between stage as I am adjusting to how I will be me, here. Wonderful reminder today through your poem of the excitement, promise and joy that the beginning of the new season brings.
    And if further confirmation was needed (thank you Father, and yes I am listening, especially if you are saying it twice!), I only stumbled across Postcards from Heaven via a friend on Facebook just a couple of weeks ago, and have received today’s blog “Spacewalking” from Ellie in my inbox this evening! With the same thread of in betweens and what-next times in life. Which really blessed me.
    And here I just find you talking to each other…of all the blogs in all the world… Well thank you both for sharing so beautifully to encourage me.
    Be encouraged and may God bless you both!
    Deborah xx
    “Gratitude grows strong in hearts ready to receive God’s best.” Love it. Love it. Love it.

    • Hi Deborah. Your response here filled me with awe and amazement at all the God-incidences involved to bring you to this page at just the right time. As you say, “of all the blogs in the world..” How awesome is our God! I also stumbled across Ellie’s beautiful blog on Facebook and am a subscriber there too. She has a wonderful way of writing gently reflective posts that really speak to me. And her imagery is unique because of her artistic gifting.
      You are certainly at a stage of all things new and in a season of great change. Such times can feel unsettling as we adjust to all that is happening around us, and, indeed, within. For life changes affect every part of our being.
      Praying for you to be aware of God’s leading and guiding in this new place, to hear His voice clearly, feel comforted by His closeness, supported and encouraged by His provision for you. It’s lovely to have met you. Do feel free to return any time. You are very welcome! Blessings to you and yours. 🙂

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