In the furnace

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‘In the furnace’

My faith feels tarnished, stained,

edges worn, rust ingrained

No walking on water for me ~

I’m sinking in seas of adversity

Years of being at the end

of a fragile, fraying rope

leave us dangling, uncertain,

with bruised hearts, dashed hope

What began shiny, new

penny-bright, has faded

into fog, misted out of view,

jaded, gone from sense and sight

Yet, be it weak, small as

mustard seed to be sown

our faith does not depend

on ourselves or strength alone

Nor is it stretched by being

untested over time and years

or lost, unseen, when eyes

blur and swim with tears

Time spent in The Refiner’s fire

is to purify, burn off dross

from flawed motives and desires

we have counted as loss

We enter defiled, soiled as dust,

fragile, worn out and feeling old

We emerge, unmarred, unscarred by rust

renewed, restored ~ come forth as gold


“In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials, these have come so that your faith ~ of greater worth than gold , which perishes even though refined by fire ~ may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honour when Jesus Christ is revealed” ~ 1Peter1:6 -7 

Dear Lord,

Even as we squirm and resist the fiery furnace of affliction, help us to remain until your work is complete in us.

As sickness, pain and problems weigh heavy, enable us to withstand the heat they bring and to see your hand in everything.

May we learn patience, endurance and trust as our faith gets stretched beyond our ability to cope.

For when we’re left dangling at the end of our rope, we are never as alone as we may feel.

Your arms are always ready to reach out, lift and support, carry and hold us, provide rest and respite, strength to go on.

May we be reassured by your continual loving presence and willing to say ~  have your way in me.


Joining here with Nacole, Holley and Jennifer

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7 thoughts on “In the furnace

    • Hi Debbie. That’s a challenging yet needful prayer for us to pray, isn’t it? May God grant you the courage to face the refining process and emerge stronger for it. God bless you, friend.

  1. …Just when you think you cannot take the fire anymore; Jehovah reaches down and pulls us out to praise His name and shine forth as gold! Thank you ~ Thank you Joy! This poem touched my weary soul and my heart rejoices. I have not been able to reach out to friends words of encouragement of late, but this morning this poem found its way to my soul. Thank you Lord for your leading and love, Thank you for friends of faith that write to encourage. God bless you Joy. 🙂 xx

    • Yes, He does! His arms are always ready to save us. And how thankful we are not to have to stay there any longer than necessary. It’s lovely to hear from you, Kathy! You’ve been sorely missed, out of sight but not out of thought. I remember you each day as I read your lovely devotional book. May God continue to bear your burdens, encourage your soul and ease the weariness within as only He can. Blessings and love to you, my friend. Xx 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad it spoke to you. I love your thought about the “heart of our struggle” in the fiery furnace being “soothed by the heart of God’s love.” God bless you.

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